In the name of the moon, uh… “vroom, vroom?”

Usagi’s always been known as a bit of a dreamer, who wanders about life with her head in the clouds. She fantasizes about the finer things in life, like fame, fortune, Tuxedo Mask, and adorable game center clerk Motoki. That said, though, there’s something missing from her wispy dreams. A set of wheels.

That’s right, this fourteen-year-old defender of justice needs a truly majestic set of wheels if she wants to elevate those dreams of Glamour. No, it’s not a Bugotti, a Porsche, or even a Tesla. What Usagi needs, apparently, is a Ford Fusion.

I know, I know, but you’ve gotta start dreaming somewhere. And, Luna notes, the car is a practical choice as it has oodles of driver assist features.

Sailor Moon isn’t the first anime mega-star to step into a shiny new Ford. In December 2015, Krillin and Gohan received the gift of a Ford Focus from the Namekian Dragon Porunga.

Not long after, GotenĀ and Trunks came together to become a Ford Fusion in their latest display of power.

The Overdubs ad campaign hasn’t been limited to just anime characters, either. In April, David Hayter stepped back into the role of Metal Gear Solid‘s Solid Snake. In the ad, Snake to received an intel briefing from Colonel Campbell via CODEC, regarding the Ford Focus SE.