girls-und-panzer-le-movie-cover-art-01Ever wonder what our friends over in Japan are buying up like hot cakes? Well, wonder no longer because Amazon Japan has released their annual ranking of the top ten best-selling anime releases for the last twelve months.

Not so shocking is the fact that Love Live! pretty much dominates the list, taking up almost half of the slots. Mecha and shonen take up pretty much all of the other slots. What is surprising to me, though, is that while the girls of Love Live make up most of the list, the number one slot actually belongs to the moe title Girls und Panzer.

You can check out the entire list below:

  1. “Girls und Panzer der Film” Amazon Japan special limited edition Blu-ray
  2. “Love Live! The School Idol Movie” special limited edition Blu-ray
  3. “Girls und Panzer der Film” special limited edition Blu-ray
  4. “Love Live! The School Idol Movie” Amazon Japan special limited edition Blu-ray
  5. “Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin” vol.2 Blu-ray
  6. “Love Live! Sunshine” vol.1 Blu-ray
  7. “Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin” vol.3 Blu-ray
  8. “Boruto-Naruto The Movie” perfect limited production edition Blu-ray
  9. “Love Live! Live Collection” Amazon Japan limited edition Blu-ray
  10. “Osomatsu-san” vol.1 DVD

Via CR News