Sakura Kinomoto’s been a magical heroine, a grade schooler, and now a junior high school student. Her next frontier, though, is possibly her most offbeat.

Fan artist Panya Marian is a fan artist who works in many mediums, from pen and paper, to edible arrangements. Their most recent work is a loving tribute to Cardcaptor Sakura, crafted in a latte’s steamed milk.

This isn’t Panya Marian’s first latte art piece, though. In the past, they’ve made caffeinated crafts based on works that include Pokémon Sun & Moon, The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls, and Fate/Grand Order.

They’ve also done latte tributes to Cardcaptor Sakura in the past, with a tribute to Tomoyo making its début in October.

An anime adaptation of Cardcaptor Sakura‘s “Clear Card Chapter” is in the works at Madhouse, and on track for a January 2018 première. The series will be directed by Morio Asaka (Cardcaptor Sakura, My Love Story!!, Chihayafuru).

Several cast members are also returning to the project, including:

  • Sakura Kinomoto: Sakura Tange
  • Cerberus/Kero: Aya Hisakawa
  • Tomoyo Daidouji: Junko Iwao
  • Syaoran Li: Motoko Kumai
  • Yukito Tsukishiro: Megumi Ogata
  • Toya Kinomoto: Tomokazu Seki

Source: Crunchyroll