Visual novel fans certainly know the name Jun Maeda and many will be pleased to know that he’s up to his usual tricks. Visual Art’s/Key (the studio behind titles including Kanon and Clannad) will be launching a new PC game in the future titled Summer Pockets which is being created by Maeda at the studio along with a host of other talented people.

The game will focus on four different heroines who are all located on a rural isolated island:

– Shiroha Naruse, a girl who can’t remember her summer vacation.
– Ao Sorakado, a girl who is chasing after the legends of the island
– Kamome Kushima, a girl who is searching for a pirate ship
– Tsumugi Vendas, a girl who is searching for herself

No release date was announced for the game but more details will be announced in the next issue of Dengeki G’s magazine which will ship at the end of the month. However it was revealed that Na-Ga, Tsubasu Izumi and Yuunon Nagayama will be providing the illustrations while Jun Maeda will be composing the music along with Donaru, Shinji Orito and Tomohiro Takeshita. Meanwhile Yuu Niijima, KAI and Hasama are writing the scenario.

Via Anime News Network