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Sadly, due to the ways the holidays fall ths year, this will be the final AniWeekly of 2017. We’ll be back to look at the news and fan community views on January 8. So, until next time, thanks for joining us every week, for our quirky looks at the anime world!

In The News

Remember Panty & Stocking? They’re back! In pog form! Gainax West unveiled their big plans for the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt property. And, well… it’s a bit less exciting than people expected. The company will roll out a three-prong marketing effort, which includes new merchandise, an Exhibition, and a cafe at Kobe Anime Street.

Moon, theater power, make up! Viz Media announced that Sailor Moon R: the Movie will open in select theaters on January 19. The feature will receive a wide release in over 300 theaters on January 20.

It’s time to meet the Sword Princess’s entourage! The first cast and crew for Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sword Oratoria were officially announced. Shimoneta director Youhei Suzuki will helm the project at J.C. Staff, while Saori Ōnishi will return to voice Aiz Wallenstein.

The Tatami Galaxy is back together! Toho announced that Tomihiko Morimi’s novel, Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome will receive an anime film. Several key crew members from modern classic The Tatami Galaxy including director Masaaki Yuasa and character designer Yusuke Nakamura will reunite to work on the project.

I can hear the ocean, and a hidden gem from Studio Ghibli! Film distributor GKids announced that they’ll give Studio Ghibli’s Ocean Waves a theatrical run in North America. The film will premiere in New York on December 28, with other theaters showing the feature in the new year.

Meet your Manoyama Monarchs! A new promo video for P.A. Works series Sakura Quest hit the web. The short teaser offers a brief overview, with opening theme Morning Glory by (K)NoW_Name as a background track.

Netflix answered the call of justice in a big way! Netflix announced that they acquired the exclusive global distribution rights to Cyborg 009 Call of Justice. The feature will hit their service in 2017.

Funimation’s venturing into the boys-love realm. Funimation announced that they will release Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi – The World’s Greatest First Love on home video. The release, which hits stores on March 7, will include both seasons of the show and the OVAs.

Poppin’ Party’s taking a trip across the Pacific! Sentai Filmworks announced that they licensed the BanG Dream! anime. Sentai will release the title on digital platforms, followed by a home video edition.

The newest monster craze is, drumroll please, centaurs! The latest volume of Kei Murayama’s A Centaur’s Life manga confirmed that the series will receive an anime adaptation.

Fortune telling has its perks, for sure! Sentai Filmworks announced that they licensed the Urara Meirochō anime series. Sentai will release the title on digital platforms, followed by a home video edition.

Kuromukuro: The gift that keeps on giving! Netflix started streaming the first season of Kuromukuro in dubbed format. The show’s first 13 episodes are available in ten languages, including English, French, and Italian.

It’s time to take a dive into the brilliant future! NoitaminA announced that Eto Mori’s DIVE!! novel series will receive an anime TV series. The show is slated to début on the block in July.

The ride never ends, my friends! A Naruto and Boruto stage show was held at the recent Jump Festa. At the event, the staff announced that a new Boruto anime TV series is in the works. The series, titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, will hit Japanese TV on April 2017.

Furthermore, the team confirmed that a Hollywood Naruto movie will be produced. Series creator Masashi Kishimoto is personally involved with the project.

Where is the Re:Creator? The official Re:Creator anime website opened its doors! With it, came the first promo video and a key visual. The series, which was created by Black Lagoon creator Rei Hiroe, will be directed by Ei Aoki (Fate/Zero, The Garden of Sinners).

From The AniBlogging Community

Surprising sci-fi roots. Chris Siebenmann takes a critical eye to Flip Flappers, and the interesting ways in which it builds its world. In particular, Siebenmann looks at the ways in which the show borrows from classic sci-fi novels.

A farewell to a friend to all anime fans. On November 11, Ben Schoedel passed away due to complications during open heart surgery. He was 30. Evan minto at Ani-Gamers wrote a touching obituary on the man, who proved that, above all, what we do in this crazy fandom has an impact that reaches beyond time, space… even our short time here on Earth.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

At this point, Cowboy Bebop is a staple of anime fandom. The adventures of Spike, Jet, Ed, and Faye are almost required watching for fans young and old. The series did have a few interesting quirks, though. In particular, video games based on the popular anime series hit the Japanese market on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

The folks at Did You Know Gaming took a look at the titles, and attempt to shed some light on why they never left their home market.