It’s time to see Kat like you’ve never seen her before!

Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment started streaming Studio Khara’s Gravity Rush the Animation ~Ouverture~ anime special. The feature is available in two parts, Face A and Face B. Both episodes are presented in Japanese, with English subtitles.

Face A

Face B

Gravity Rush the Animation ~Ouverture~ is based on SCE Japan Studio’s Gravity Rush series of video games. The title, which serves as a bridge between the series’s two games, was directed by Hiroyasu Kobayashi. Yumi Ikeda and Yutaka Izubuchi (Delpower X Bakuhatsu Miracle Genki!) provided character designs on the project, while Naoko Satou wrote the scenario. Kōhei Tanaka (One Piece, Sakura Wars, Gunbuster) scored the title’s soundtrack.

The Gravity Rush video game series first made its début on Sony’s PlayStation Vita in February 2012. Keiichiro Toyama (Silent Hill, Siren) directed and designed the title, which was published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The title received an HD remaster on the PlayStation 4 earlier this year. The next game in the series, Gravity Rush 2, will hit stores worldwide in January 2017.

Source: YouTube (PlayStation)