Comiket’s getting a bit more eccentric with each passing year… it’s lovely.

Earlier today, Comiket 91 opened its doors to the public. At the event, P.A. Works announced that upcoming anime series The Eccentric Family 2 will hit Japanese TV on April 9. The series will air on Tokyo MX and KBS Kyoto.

The Eccentric Family 2 (Uchōten Kazoku 2), will adapt Tomihiko Morimi’s second novel in the series.

The core staff from the first season will return to work on the series, including director Masayuki Yoshihara and original character designer Kōji Kumeta Kumeta (Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei). P.A. Works will produce the show’s animation, while Lantis handles the show’s music.

Additional announced staff members include:

  • Original Story “Uchoten Kazoku – Nidaime No Kichou”(Gentosha) : Tomihiko Morimi
  • Original Character Design : Koji Kumeta
  • Director : Masayuki Yoshihara
  • Screenplay: Ryo Higaki
  • Character Design / Animation Director : Kosuke Kawatsura
  • Art Director : Yusuke Takeda & Harumi Okamoto
  • Music Produced by : Lantis
  • Animation Produced by : P.A. WORKS
  • Produced by: “Uchoten Kazoku 2” Committee

In addition, the main voice cast members will return to reprise their roles. Confirmed voices include:

  • Yasaburo Shimogamo: Takahiro Sakurai
  • Yoichiro Shimogamo: Junichi Suwabe
  • Yajiro Shimogamo: Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Yajiro Shimogamo: Mai Nakahara
  • Benten: Mamiko Noto

NIS America currently distributes the first season of The Eccentric Family in North America. They describe the show as:

In modern day Kyoto, humans live in the city, tengus take to the sky, and tanukis roam the earth. One such tanuki is Yasaburo, the third son of Soichiro Shimogamo, famed tanuki leader who met his end far too early at the hands of a group of humans and their year-end banquet hot pot. Yasaburo has since embraced his “fool’s blood” and strives for a happy, carefree life. But between taking care of his old tengu master Akadama-sensei, avoiding the life- threatening advances of the beautiful human Benten, dealing with his dangerously stupid twin cousins, and avoiding becoming a hot pot himself in the next year-end banquet, the young tanuki has his proverbial work cut out for him!

Source: Twitter (Uchoten2_Anime)