You know, Sanrio, I’m not a Hello Kitty fan, but I now adore Aggretsuko.

Earlier today, Sanrio’s English Twitter Account channel tweeted a character introduction for their newest character. Aggretsuko (short for “Aggressive Retsuko”) is a Red Panda who isn’t quite as sweet and happy as the rest of the Hello Kitty crew. Rather, she’s a 25-year-old who works in an accounting firm and really just needs a hug. And maybe some good liquor.

Every day, the poor panda rides a packed train to her office, where she toils ceaselessly. Last minute labor is heaped upon her at the end of the day by uncaring management, and annoying coworkers crowd around to annoy with vapid chatter and those goddamn photos of the kids that nobody really wants to see, but ends up feigning interest in anyway.

Her escape from the stress comes from karaoke, where she takes a bit of alone time to belt out some death metal. Well, that and booze.

She drinks, she sings pissed-off death metal, and she’s stuck in a crappy job. In short, Aggretsuko’s sure to resonate with more than a few cubicle dwellers who’ve been in her shoes on at least one occasion.

Source: Twitter (Sanrio)