It’s time for King Crimson to try to figure out what makes their stand really tick.

Just before Christmas, fans said goodbye to the world of Josuke Higashikata, as the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable anime aired its final episode. Many manly tears were wept, amid rounds of over-the-top posing.

Now that the dust has settled, fans have taken to praying to the anime gods (and anime studio David Production) for an adaptation of the saga’s next chapter: Vento Aureo. This fifth tale is about as wild as one would expect, moving the setting to Italy to focus on a middle school student named Giorno Giovanna, “Gio Gio” (“JoJo”), for short.

It’s best not to think too hard on this.

Anyway, with a new JoJo comes a gaggle of new Stands. From Narancia Ghirga’s Aerosmith, to Prosciutto’s Grateful Dead, there’s no shortage of supernatural, super-powered alter egos.

Among the numerous Stands is King Crimson: a time-altering Stand, which allows its user to erase a ten-second span of time. When time comes into existence again, people are where they would normally be, just ten seconds later.

Sound confusing? Welcome to JoJo.

Anyway, the King Crimson Stand managed to attract the attention of the actual King Crimson, an influential progressive rock group formed in 1968. The group’s official Facebook page shared a post from guitarist (and sole remaining original member) Robert Fripp. In the post, Fripp shares a page from the original manga, and muses about the King Crimson stand. Ultimately, though, Fripp comes to the cheeky conclusion that the King Crimson “just works.”

One of the most common subjects of discussion regarding King Crimson is the nature of his ability… fans were left wondering how does the ability to skip time work, questions about it dating back to as early as of August 29th, 2006. Many explanations for King Crimson’s ability had been made, some of them even including graphs, though the most common explanation simply being “It just works”.

With that said, one has to marvel that, even ten years later, we’re still trying to figure out how the main antagonist’s Stand works in Vento Aureo.

Source: Facebook (King Crimson Official)

Editor’s Note: We’ve provided an image of the post below, in the case that it’s removed. Credit to Crunchyroll for the image.