It’s time to take a quest with the students of Kunugigaoka Magic School, Class 3-E.

Earlier today, Funimation unveiled their English dub cast for Koro Sensei Quest! (Koro-sensei Q!). The series will star the following:

  • Koro Sensei: Sonny Strait
  • Nagisa Shiota: Lindsay Seidel
  • Tadaomi Karasuma: Chris Ryan
  • Irina Jelavic: Martha Harms

All of the confirmed cast members are reprising their roles from Assassination Classroom. The dub will début on FunimationNow tonight at 10:00PM Eastern (7:00PM Pacific).

Koro Sensei Quest! is a continuation of the Koro-sensei Q! short film that opened with Assassination Classroom The Movie: 365 Days last Saturday. The show was originally announced after the film’s screening.

Crunchyroll describes Koro Sensei Quest! as:

Get ready for a strange but fun-filled adventure with your favorite group of assassins. The killer class is back but this time they’ve got…magic?! In this brand new spin-off series, follow the chibis of Class 3-E as they learn swordsmanship and sorcery at Kunugigaoka Magic School. Their mission? Defeat the evil Demon King Koro Sensei and face the trials and perils of their magical school!

Koro-sensei Q! is an ongoing fantasy comedy manga by Kizuku Watanabe and illustrator Jo Aoto. The series began publication in Shueisha’s Saikyo Jump in October 2015. The first compiled volume hit retailers on July 4.

Yusei Matsui’s original Assassination Classroom manga ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from July 2012 through March 2016. 21 collected volumes were released, with the final book hitting stores on July 4. An anime adaptation, plus two live-action film adaptations of the title were produced.

The first season of Assassination Classroom kicked off on January 9, 2015, and ran for 22 episodes. The second season began airing on January 7. Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero) helmed both seasons at studio Lerche. Kazuaki Morita (Fate/Prototype, Arpeggio of Blue Steel) provided character designs for the project, while Makoto Uezu (Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Is This a Zombie?) wrote the scripts.

57 episodes, plus an OVA were produced by the time the final credits rolled. FUNimation currently holds the rights to Assassination Classroom, and offers it on their FunimationNow streaming platform. Compilation film Assassination Classroom The Movie: 365 Days opened in Japanese theaters on November 19.

Source: Funimation Blog