We’re finally getting a clue about which shows will hit MBS and TBS’s shiny new Saturday morning anime slot.

Earlier today, MBS and TBS announced that Hiromu Shinozuka’s Puri Puri Chii-chan!! manga series is getting an anime adaptation. The seires will hit Japanese TV in April, in the networks’ new “Anime Saturday 630” (“Anime Saturday Roku San Maru”) block.

Previously, the block was called “AniSata,” and slated for a 7:00AM start. With the rename, the block was moved back to 6:30AM. The block was officially unveiled in December, when MBS and TBS revealed that they would axe their Sunday evening “Nichigo” block.

Puri Puri Chii-chan!! began publication in Shogakukan’s Ciao magazine in March 2015. The series currently spans two compiled volumes, with the most recent hitting on June 30. Volume 3 will ship to Japanese bookstores for a March 1 release.

Ciao is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, with Puri Puri Chii-chan!! serving to commemmorate the event.

Source: Comic Natalie