Best wishes to Uchida-san for a speedy recovery!

Earlier today, voice actress Aya Uchida revealed that she took two weeks off at the end of 2016 for medical leave. Uchida posted to her blog that she took the time off to get surgery for a vocal cord nodule, which was safely removed.

The actress first noticed the problem last spring, and suddenly lost her voice at a Love Live! concert at the Tokyo Dome. Her condition was initially treated with medication, and she continued to record. Unfortunately, Uchida’s hectic schedule and constant work load saw her affliction decline. By early fall, Uchida was to the point where the nodule was interfering with her regular Niconama and radio programs. Speaking and day-to-day life became difficult.

Uchida noted that her declining condition was causing stress in her daily life, as her ovice is vital to her work.

Following her surgery, Uchida was unable to speak. During the time, she stayed home, cooked, cleaned, and read. She spent New Year’s with her family. Her voice hasn’t completely recovered, but Uchida noted that she will look after herself, so that she can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Aya Uchida has been active in the industry since 2008. Her most notable roles include Kotori Minami in Love Live!, Mai in Ai Mai Mi, and Kaede Furutani in YuruYuri.

Source: Otakomu