Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to an all-new AniWeekly!

This week was marked with a few surprises, from big partnerships to the lure of Oscar gold. The name of the moon was invoked, and seven sins most deadly managed to find their way to the anime world.

But, before we begin, real talk time. On Friday, Donald Trump issued the already-infamous “Muslim Ban” executive order, which restricts all refugees from entering the United States for 120 days and blocks those fleeing the horrific war in Syria indefinitely. The ban also gives Christian refugees priority over Muslims, and bans visas from seven countries whose populations are mostly Muslim.

In short, this order is sickening. This is nothing more than thinly veiled hatred, which violates everything that America stands for. Families are being broken up, and folks who are fleeing horrific oppression are being turned away from our borders.

It’s also something that we, at Anime Herald, oppose vehemently. This isn’t who we, as a people are. We shouldn’t aspire to descend to such awful depths. We oppose hatred in all its forms, and will welcome the day when this is finally overturned.

I’ll have something longer, more thoughtful during the week. But, for now, we return you to your regularly-scheduled anime fun.

In the News

The Bean Bandit’s heading to Seattle! Kind of! Sakura-Con announced that Gunsmith Cats creator Kenichi Sonoda will attend this year’s convention.

They didn’t save your anime, they stole it. A new teaser trailer for the Ghost in the Shell film hit the web. The two-minute promo leads off with the film’s tagline: “They didn’t save your life, they stole it.”

The Anime Planet got a little bit bigger this week! Viewster and Anime-Planet announced that they’ve entered a content distribution partnership with streaming service Viewster. Through the deal, Viewster’s ad-supported HD anime streams will be available via Anime-Planet’s website.

What’s in the box? What’s in the box?! In a new teaser, Netflix announced that The Seven Deadly Sins‘ second season will hit the service on February 17.

Moon, sequel power, make up! A new Sailor Moon Crystal anime series is in the works. As of now, details are still a bit on the scarce side.

Sorry, Your Name. You didn’t quite make this one. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences revealed their nominees for the 2017 Oscars. For “Best Animated Feature,” Studio Ghibli and Wild Bunch’s The Red Turtle received the nomination. Sadly, Your Name. was nowhere to be found.

Get well soon, Uchida-san! Love Live! actress Aya Uchida is officially on the mend. The actress took a couple of weeks at the end of 2016 to undergo surgery for a vocal cord nodule.

Under the light of the moon, magical things happen. Studio feel announced that their upcoming anime series, Tsuki ga Kirei (The Moon Is Beautiful) is on track for an April 2017 première. Angel Beats! director Seiji Kishi was tapped to helm the project.

From The AniBlogging Community

A strange tale of anime, censorship, and… Nazis? Anime Feminist‘s Lauren Orsini published a truly fantastic investigative piece, detailing an odd (and slightly alarming) case of censorship over at MyAnimeList.

Art of the Pillow (Shot) Atelier Emily takes a look at two Kyoto Animation shows, Nichijou and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and how they both use “pillow shots” to set a rhythm that’s both familiar and unique at the same time.

ABO: Always Be Observant. Shooting Star Dreamer sends a brief word to remind people that this world is changing. Because of this, it’ll be important to observe how things will change, both for us as anime fans, and as people.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

Ever wondered what a software engineer’s life is like? Well, AMVs are here to help! In this old (but good) piece, YouTuber Nic Neidenbach mashed together Legend of Black Heaven and Jonathan Coulton’s Code Monkey to create a fun, funny piece that accurately captures the daily joys and despair of the coding life.