You know, this is a dub that Elizabeth is certain to approve of!

Yesterday, Crunchyroll announced that they added the dubbed adaptation of Gintama season 3 to their digital library. Episodes 266 – 278 are currently available for members in all regions outside of Asia. Additional episodes will be added every Wednesday through February.

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Gintoki Sakata: Michael Daingerfield
  • Shinpachi Shimura: Cole Howard
  • Kagura: Jocelyne Loewen
  • Tae Shimura: Janyse Jaud
  • Kotaro Katsura: Matt Ellis
  • Toshiro Hijikata: Michael Adamthwaite
  • Sogo Okita: Vincent Tong
  • Isao Kondo: Jason Simpson
  • Sagaru Yamazaki: Adrian Petriw
  • Tsukuyo: Marlie Collins
  • Tatsuma Sakamoto: Andrew Francis
  • Tama: Chantal Strand
  • Yagyu Kyubei: Advah Soudak

This marks the first time that the Gintama TV series is available with an English dub.

Gintama‘s third season hit Japanese TV onm October 4, 2012. The series was directed by Yoichi Fujita (Good Luck Girl!, Mr. Osomatsu) at Sunrise.

Crunchyroll describes Gintama as:

In a world where aliens have invaded Edo Period Japan, skyscrapers, trains and motor bikes have replaced the simple life of Earth inhabitants. One man however, still carries the soul of a samurai, Gintoki Sakata, otherwise known as Yorozuya Gin-san. As reckless as he is, Gintoki carries his own resolve and is ready to take on any challenge with his fellow companions.

Source: Crunchyroll