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Amagi Brilliant Park was always a rather interesting series, in the lead-up to its release. The title, which hit Japanese TV in 2014, quickly became a fan favorite. Folks fell in love with the charming cast, gorgeous artwork, and a storyline that confidently walked the line between the fantastic. It seemed like a slam dunk for a license at the time, though it wouldn’t be until 2015 before fans learned that Sentai Filmworks snagged the rights.

It’d be nearly two more years before fans would start to learn the show’s dub cast, in the build-up to the title’s February 28 release date. That said, Sentai wasn’t taking this release sitting down. In addition to the standard DVD and Blu-Ray versions, they were also releasing a Limited Edition that would cater to the ultimate über fans.

We received a copy of the Amagi Brilliant Park limited edition a few days ago. Given our love of KyoAni (not to mention our adoration of fancy boxes), we felt that this was a title that warranted a full teardown.


Amagi Brilliant Park features two clear Amaray DVD cases, a hardcover companion book, and a box of physical extras. The four items are shipped in a standard chipboard art box.

The Physical Extras box is roughly the size of two DVD cases, stacked.

The artbox is white, with a geometric pattern that serves as the overall background. The front, spine, and back of the box feature pieces of key art, set against similar geometric patterns. The layout is as follows:

  • Front: Seiya & Isuzu
  • Back: Seiya and Princess Latifah
  • Spine: Seiya (Park Uniform)
  • Top: Amagi Brilliant Park Logo


The Blu-Ray box art features a key visual of Isuzu, Seiya, and Princess Latifah as its front box art. The back of the box features an episode list, as well as a detailing of extra features. The interior cover features a key visual which showcases Seiya, Isuzu, and Latifah as they interact with Amagi Brilliant Park’s many employees.

The set includes two discs. The first disc features Isuzu and Seiya, using the same image as the front of the chipboard box. The second disc showcases Biino Bando, Shiina Chujo, and Eiko Adachi in their park uniforms.


The DVD’s front boxart features a visual of fairies Muse, Salma, Sylphy, and Kobory. The back of the box features an episode list, as well as a detailing of extra features. The interior of the cover features a shot of Biino Bando, Shiina Chujo, and Eiko Adachi working on the Amagi Brilliant Park’s grounds.

The DVD set includes three discs. The first disc features Princess Latifah and Seiya Kanie, using the same image as seen on the back of the chipboard box. Disc 2 features an image of mascot characters Moffle, Tiramu, and Macaron. Disc 3 features the image of Seiya, Isuzu Sento, and Princess Latifah that’s found on the cover of the Blu-Ray set.

Physical Extras

The physical extras are broken into two categories: The contents of the Extras Box and the Companion Book.

Companion Book

The Companion Book, titled Amagi Brilliant Park: Another Creator Visual Fanbook, is a 27-page art book. The book features (generally risque) images of the show’s female cast, each drawn by a different artist. The hardcover tome is bound well, and the thick, glossy pages really do have a great feel to them.

Extras Box

The Physical Extras box features an image of Seiya standing in an empty Amagi Brilliant Park on its front, and a full cast visual on the back.

Inside the box is the following:

  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Button
  • Pin set
  • Collector’s Coin
  • Seven (7) sheets of stickers
  • Seven (7) Amagi Brilliant Park “Guide Brochures”
  • “Amagi Brilliant Park” Dice Game (Pieces Not Included)

The brochures are, without a doubt, the stand-out extra goodie. Each of the seven booklets is presented as an actual guide pamphlet, with the park’s mascot characters adorning the front, and a “stamp collection” sheet on the back. Inside, each brochure features an episode guide for two episodes, as well as character details. The booklets fold out to a poster-sized map of Amagi Brilliant Park, complete with landmark notices. These are seriously a cool little extra that really goes the extra mile in bringing the world of the series into our own.

The Dice Game uses the same map to create a Chutes & Ladders-esque board game.

On-Disc Extras

The on-disc extras are fairly standard fare, and amount to clean openings and closings, as well as the bonus “Extra Magic” opening sequence.

Menu Structure

(Note: We’re using the Blu-Ray for purposes of this teardown)

The main menu of each disc features a piece of key art, set against a geometric pattern. The menu options are lain out on the right side, with the cursor designated as a checkerboard pattern. This structure is mimicked in-show, with a translucent “Park Symbols” background taking the far right side of the screen.

Video Quality


Sentai really nailed their limited edition for Amagi Brilliant Park. The gorgeous packaging, and fantastic selection of goodies really help to elevate the already stellar presentation.

The menus are clean and fast, without a lot of clutter. Video quality is strong, with fantastic color representation and no visible defects. The audio is crystal clear on both tracks.

The release’s visual elements are bright, colorful, and really “pop,” inviting the viewer to take a closer look and really explore the set, itself. The chipboard box is sturdy, though I do wish that Sentai had gone with Blu-Ray sized cases over standard DVD Amarays.

The physical extras are that fantastic combination of “quirky” and “lovely” that rarely seems to get love these days. The brochures are a fantastic alternative to the typical episode guide, and take the whole “theme park” presentation to a whole new level. The art book, while a bit small, is a beautiful (if not slightly risqué) addition to the release. The coin and button both have real heft to them, and the dice game is just an creatively adorable addition.

That said, the on-disc extras are a bit sparse, offering just clean openings and closings. It’s a definite mark, which does give a slight lacking sensation to the overall set.

Though there is a bit of a sting from the lack of on-disc content, I don’t see many being upset by Sentai’s offering.