Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to AniWeekly! Before we begin, I’d like to just take a moment and say “whew! What a week!” From cyber attacks to CDN hiccups, we’ve been experiencing a few growing pains. But, really, this is the sign of a site on the grow. So, really, thanks everyone for reading, and a double-thanks for sticking with us as we work through our issues.

That said, it’s been an exciting week with new games, cat maids, and dragon dentists flashing through the headlines. And, as always, we’re here to bring you all the news that’s fit to read from this past week!

Before we begin, though, a shameless plug: We’re giving away three pairs of tickets to see Sword Art Online The Movie: -Ordinal Scale-!

In the News

There are no old magazines at this dentist’s office! Crunchyroll announced that they’ll stream Dragon Dentist in Europe. The first episode went live in seven territories yesterday, including the UK and Ireland.

Big dreams, failed knights. Sentai Filmworks announced that they’re producing a dub for Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Chris Ayres was tapped to direct the adaptation.

Let’s get this poppin’ party started all across the world! Shogakukan Asia announced that they acquired the global English rights to the BanG Dream! manga series. The first volume will hit six Asian regions next month, as the publisher looks into potential overseas publishing partners.

This guy are (Go)sick. Funimation anounced that they rescued the license to Gosick, and confirmed the show’s dub cast. Apphia Yu was tapped to play Victorique de Blois.

Get ready to visit the Chupacabra Kingdom! A new promotional video for Sakura Quest hit the web, which confirms the show’s April 5 première date. The show will hit Tokyo MX, ABC, and AT-X on day one.

Let’s get RAD ‘n’ WIMPY! J-Rock group RADWIMPS uploaded a trailer for its Kimi no Na wa. English Edition single to the group’s YouTube channel. The video features teasers for the English versions of four songs in the Your Name. film.

Just wild beat, communication. Hulu revealed that five different Mobile Suit Gundam shows will hit their service on February 20, including Gundam Wing.

A truly sinful acquisition. Funimation announced that they licensed the home video rights to the first season of The Seven Deadly Sins. The title is currently slated for a 2017 release in the United States and Canada.

The Major takes the stage… uh… again. Paramount started streaming a new two-minute teaser trailer for Ghost in the Shell. The trailer features several extended sequences from the film, which are narrated by character dialogue.

Fear the power of the cat maids. Sekai Project’s Kickstarter to produce a Nekopara OVA managed to raise $963,376 in its Kickstarter run. The project is officially the “most funded animation on Kickstarter”, beating out Under the Dog‘s $878,028 take.

Coming soon: Fairies Story 4? A new season of New Game! was officially announced. As of now, though, details are a bit scant.

From The AniBlogging Community

Really, life is full of ghouls. Manga Therapy takes a look at life, through the lens of Tokyo Ghoul. Specifically, he looks at the life of series Fumika Shimizu, and how her own turns in life reflect the idea that we, as humans, are affected by the choices made, as the many grey areas color our world.

More Monogatari discussion! Atelier Emily takes a look at Bakemonogatari. Specifically, she looks at the novels, and the way they use narration to provide a unique focus in storytelling.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

The folks at TeamFourStar are at it again! This time around, the group provided a special Dragon Ball Z Abridged episode, which pits the mighty Cell against Fist of the North Star hero Kenshiro. It works out as well as you’d expect.