Meeting Date: 2/18/2017

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Mike Ferreira: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. I’m Mike Ferreira, and I’m joined by L.B. Bryant and Anthony Simpson.
L.B. Bryant: Heyo
Anthony Simpson: Evening
Mike Ferreira: This week is the midpoint for Winter 2017, so in addition to our discussion of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, I’d like to talk about the shows that have caught our attention this season
Mike Ferreira: But first, tonight, I’d like to go to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. This week we’ll be talking up episode Episode six: Hot For Georgie.

Anthony Simpson: This episode was an interesting one for me.  It had stuff I enjoyed like the stuff at forehead girls house and seeing Fafnir become an gamer.
L.B. Bryant: Im a little weirded out by the not entirely innocent lust being displayed by grade school girls.
Mike Ferreira: THAT was fucked up.
Anthony Simpson: Then we stuff like at Shouta’s house which I felt wasn’t the weakest part of the episode.
Mike Ferreira: …there was a lot of that “seduction of the innocent” this week, wasn’t there?
Anthony Simpson: The stuff with Shouta and Lucoa bothered me more than the stuff with Kanna and Riko did.

Mike Ferreira: Both were kinda “ehh” for me – I”m kind of glad Kanna and Riko’s got broken up by a panicky Tohru, though. Poor girl got out otaku’d by Kobayashi and Georgie
Anthony Simpson: Yeah, Tohru got outdone by the experts.
Mike Ferreira: That was just hilarious. It went jealousy to pleasure, to “OH JESUS CHRIST SAVE ME FROM THEM!”
Anthony Simpson: It reminds me someone trying to BS their way through a conversation where they are clearing out of their league.
L.B. Bryant: I loved tohru being dragged back into the conversation by kobayashi and georgie before being saved heh
Mike Ferreira: Hehe, likewise. The evil-looking Kobayashi and Georgie just sealed that moment
Mike Ferreira: And I agree Anthony – we’ve all see this unfold at least once in our lives
Mike Ferreira: On another note, I’m kind of loving how Fafnir went full-on otaku at this point, logging in 21 hours a day to play video games and watch anime
Anthony Simpson: Him going full blown otaku was amazing.
Mike Ferreira: He’s living the dream!

Anthony Simpson: Well he doesn’t need cash and he isn’t human so he can do that.
Mike Ferreira: Very true.
Anthony Simpson: Faf-kun is slowly becoming my favorite character in the show.
Mike Ferreira: Likewise. He’s just a crusty old nerd, and that’s lovable
Anthony Simpson: So I wanna talk about why the Lucoa and Shouta stuff bothered me the most this episode.  What really got to me was that Shouta clearly wasn’t comfortable with Lucoa and Lucoa is too thick-headed to realized that what is she is doing is upsetting the boy.  That and she kept going down the same path again.
Mike Ferreira: Definitely. Honestly, I’m not happy with that development… it really isn’t funny, and it’s kind of unsettling
Anthony Simpson: She used to be a god you would think she would have some super high intelligence or at least some awareness of things.
Anthony Simpson: Which is in a way ironic considering Lucoa is a gender flipped version of Quetzalcoatl who was a Meso-American god of learning.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed… though maybe that’s the intent? This god of wisdom and learning being a bit of an airhead?
Anthony Simpson: Possibly.

Mike Ferreira: I mean, she is sharp – they show that on more than one occasion
Anthony Simpson: That also brings me back to the god that Lucoa is based on.  Quetzalcoatl got drunk and then slept with his sister, felt regret the morning after and then set himself on fire.  In the manga Lucoa got drunk then either raped or slept with her sister thus how she lost her god status.
Mike Ferreira: Yeah. Which again, makes sense.
Anthony Simpson: It does.
Anthony Simpson: Side note they made her breasts smaller in the anime compared to the manga.  Which if you ask me is for the better.
Mike Ferreira: …wait. Really?
Anthony Simpson: At least that is what I have heard (you can probably take that out if I can’t find a picture).
Mike Ferreira: Hunh. That’s… kinda disturbing
Mike Ferreira: Anyway… any final thoughts on this week’s episode?
Anthony Simpson: Hopefully the Lucoa being creepy is behind us.
Anthony Simpson: I also liked now that the show confirmed that there are mages here too.
Mike Ferreira: Likewise. That was a nice touch.
Mike Ferreira: Anyway, moving on… what shows have kept you glued to the seat this season?
Anthony Simpson: Interviews with Monster Girls I would say is my favorite show of the season.

Mike Ferreira: I’m really enjoying that, myself. It’s a great show with lots of heart.
Anthony Simpson: Its charming and its the highlight of my Saturdays.
Mike Ferreira: Agreed. I’ve really been drawn into it, as well.
Mike Ferreira: However, as much as I like Interviews with Monster Girls, Gabriel Dropout’s been my go-to for when I need a good smile.
Anthony Simpson: I’m not currently watching that one.
Mike Ferreira: It’s an adorable show. There’s a healthy amount of cynicism mixed with that usual slice-of-life comedy.

Anthony Simpson: I got quite a full plate this season of shows so it might be something I check out later
Mike Ferreira: I’m watching a good amount myself, actually. I’ve been watching Saga of Tanya the Evil, Nanbaka, and Fuuka, as well. Scum’s Wish is kind of paywalled for now.
Anthony Simpson: I got Fukka, Tanya the Evil, Nanbaka, Hand Shakers, Super Lovers 2, and Akiba’s Trip on my plate this season.
Mike Ferreira: How is Hand Shakers?
Anthony Simpson: I know it gets a lot of flak, but I find it to be just an average show.  The art style is a VERY acquired taste.
Mike Ferreira: I see. So I guess I shouldn’t feel bad for missing it?
Anthony Simpson: I don’t think its awful, but its not also not any where near top shelf material.
Anthony Simpson: no you shouldn’t.
Anthony Simpson: I’m going to be the defender of the show because someone has to be but I can see why people would avoid it.
Mike Ferreira: Ah, fair enough.
Mike Ferreira: Anyway, it looks like we’re approaching our time for the night. Any final words?
Anthony Simpson: Nope, hopefully Lucoa’s sexual predator antics are not present in the next episode.
Mike Ferreira: Agreed. I’m hoping that it gets back to the fun romantic antics, myself
Mike Ferreira: Anyway… have a great night!