The contest has closed, and the entries have been tallied. Now, it’s time to meet our winners in our Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale- ticket giveaway!

  • Jessica Macht
  • Jasmine Wehmeyer
  • Grace Ulrey

Each of the three winners will receive a pair of tickets to see the film at the theater of their choice. I’d like to take a moment to thank everybody who participated. Whether you won or you weren’t selected, you’re all fantastic.

Note: If you’re on this list and you haven’t received your email, check your junk mail file – failing that, reach out to us!

In the Interest of Transparency

As part of our Statement of Ethics, I like to keep a generally transparent means of communicating things like this. So, I’d like to take a moment to walk through our methodology for choosing the winners.

First, let me give you a look at what we see when loading up the contest bin:

By practice, we keep things 100% anonymous. A bolded link means “unread”, while a standard link shows a read entry.

Now, we get to work! Each winner was chosen 100% randomly. With the aid of Random.Org’s “True Random Number Generator”, we did a simple 1-n random integer selection, three times over. “1” would be the first item, while “n” would be the very last.

And, well, that’s it! With the winners chosen, we reached out to let them know. I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes of our giveaway.