Fare thee well, Hayate! That’s what fans of the popular, long-running harem series Hayate the Combat Butler (Hayate no Gotoku) will be saying goodbye in the not so distant future, as it’s been revealed that the manga series will end in six chapters.

Running in Japan since early 2005, Hayate the Combat Butler tells the story of a teenager named Hayate who was saddled with a 1.5 million yen debt by his good for nothing parents. After they skip town and leave their son to face the yakuza that they borrowed money from, he is forced to go to work as the butler of a young but fantastically wealthy girl. Over the course of 50 collected manga volumes, the number of girls surrounding the talented butler has increased exponentially along with the wild and often times humorously violent adventures that he often finds himself in.

12 years, what will soon be over 50 manga volumes, 4 TV anime and a movie later Hayate the Combat Butler is coming to a close. Honestly this is a series that I wasn’t sure was ever going to end but author Kenjirou Hata has finally decided that he wants to try his hand at something new and really I can’t blame him for making that decision. Here’s to hoping that his next series is just as successful (though perhaps not quite as long).