It was as if a million One Piece fans cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something happened in the Toonami broadcast lineup.

Earlier today, Toonami announced that they will remove One Piece from their active broadcast lineup. Starting March 25, Tokyo Ghoul will air in the show’s place. The block streamed a 90-second video to reveal the news:

One Piece began airing on May 18, 2013, starting with episode 207: “Long Ring Long Land’s Big Adventure.” The episode, which began the Water 7 Saga, garnered over 995,000 viewers.

On October 1, Toonami pushed its programming block back to midnight. The block started airing both Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 and Dragon Ball Super on January 7.

Source: Facebook (Toonami)