So, are these events powered like a 1080p anime stream? Because I’ve heard some things lately…

Earlier today, Crunchyroll unveiled their “Powered by Crunchyroll” program. The initiative will see Crunchyroll teaming up with conventions across the United States. Through these partnerships, Crunchyroll will attract guests to conventions, and additional benefits for attendees. Crunchyroll and VRV subscribers will be eligible for additional benefits.

Anime Boston, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and Anime NYC are all partnering with Crunchyroll through the program.

Anime Boston announced their partnership on March 23. At the time, they revealed that they’d offer the following to Crunchyroll subscribers:

  • Crunchyroll Premium Member convention badge
  • Early access to the Dealer’s Room
  • $5 discount at the Anime Boston merch store
  • Access to the “Crunchyroll Premium Lounge”

In addition to the announcement, Crunchyroll opened a new website for upcoming events, Anime Movie Night, Crunchyroll Expo, and partnered conventions.

Source: Crunchyroll