Cosplay can be big business, you know?

Earlier today, Los Angeles based talent agency Kospre officially opened for business. The organization caters exclusively to cosplay artists, and aims to match their skills with promotional events. According to the press release, Kospre hopes to utilize its talent for “a wide range of exhibitors at film premieres, conventions, trade shows, corporate and cultural events, concerts and pop culture gatherings worldwide.”

Kospre hopes to retain cosplayers for events in the United States and abroad, and maintains a network of cosplayers across the globe, including Asia.

Kospre’s website lists eight cosplay artists under their banner and available for booking:

  • Risa Light
  • Anastasia
  • Bowbat
  • Courtney
  • Ichigokitty
  • Niicakes
  • Jane
  • Taka

Founder and CEO Reiko Kondo commented on the news, stating:

Cosplay offers a vital means to bring a brand to life and its application reinforces enthusiasm and passion for a particular property and also offers a fun way for fans and visitors to ‘interact’ with a live character […] Creativity is at the core of cosplay and KOSPRE was founded as a means to bring talented artists together and offer a means for them to pursue their passion professionally and for many different types of clients to explore how a custom-tailored cosplay presentation can add a unique aspect to support their brand or project.

Source: Kospre (Press Release)