In this day and age, cosplayers are more than a fact of life for an anime con, they’re part of its very lifeblood. Like cookies and milk, the two are perfect complements. And, each year, thousands of costumed folks head to conventions across the country, strutting their very best stuff through the convention center or hotel of their choice.

Anime Boston is no exception. This year saw thousands of costumed crusaders walking the halls of the Hynes Convention Center from the earliest moments of the morning to the wee hours of the night. Every fandom imaginable, from Haikyu! to Re:Zero found representation through a talented cosplayer.

This year, I didn’t notice a real break-out, but folks have really been stepping their game up. Some of the outfits on display were breathtaking, to say lightly.

Below, we’ve collected our best cosplay shots from this year’s Anime Boston. I’d like to thank every single person featured in this segment. You’re all amazing, and Anime Boston wouldn’t be the same without you!