Meeting Date: 4/17/2017

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Mike Ferreira: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. I’m Mike Ferreira, and I’m joined by L.B. Bryant and Anthony Simpson this week.
L.B. Bryant: Heyo
Anthony Simpson: Hello
Mike Ferreira: This week, we’re continuing our ongoing discussion with The Royal Tutor, Episode 2: Meet the Family
L.B. Bryant: I need to get this out of the way straight away… Bruno challenging the tutor to music almost made me fall out of my chair.
Anthony Simpson: I lol’ed so hard when they showed chibi Henke with the instruments.
Mike Ferreira: That was amazing.
Mike Ferreira: Not to mention his utter euphoria when he realized that, yes, Heine IS smarter than him
Anthony Simpson: It worked so well because he was in chibi mode.
L.B. Bryant: Even now after I’ve finished the episode I’m remembering that music moment and still giggling.

Mike Ferreira: This episode was filled with moments like that, and I love it.
Mike Ferreira: I mean, Licht alone could have made for a show.
L.B. Bryant: I felt that the interviews with Licht and Kai weren’t quite as filled with lol moments but they were still very powerful scenes for different reasons.
L.B. Bryant: I love the reveal that while Licht is… let’s say fun loving, he still has a devious side that I think we’re going to get to see sooner rather than later.
Mike Ferreira: I give props to Licht though – he knew what he wanted to ask and he went for it
Anthony Simpson: I have to agree.

L.B. Bryant: And then Kai turning out to be a gentle, misunderstood giant and the professor learning a lesson himself about getting to know someone personally to learn their personality rather than use hearsay.
L.B. Bryant: Mike, you have no idea how much I wish you could use a screencap of Licht asking that question as one of the images for this edition.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. Kai’s interview was just heartwarming. They build up this badass, and it turns out that he’s just this big, awkward marshmallow who loves cuddles and soft things
Anthony Simpson: I was impressed that Henke could do a jump round kick from sitting in a chair.
L.B. Bryant: lol I had almost forgotten about that.
Anthony Simpson: Kai’s a misunderstood fellow, it’s a big cliche but I don’t care.
Mike Ferreira: Kai’s a cinnamon roll

L.B. Bryant: Yes Mike, that.
L.B. Bryant: So, what does everyone think that the first assignment for the princes is going to be?
Mike Ferreira: That’s a good question
Anthony Simpson: To be fair with that picture, Professor got the body of a shota and he has a man’s voice I think a lot of people would be wondering what’s his genitalia are like, regardless of sexual preference.
Anthony Simpson: That’s a good question I have no idea myself.
Mike Ferreira: I’m thinking something that’d require all four to combine their unique talents.
L.B. Bryant: I’m guessing it’s going to be some kind of trust building exercise but I have no idea what exactly.
Anthony Simpson: I’m probably leaning towards what Mike is thinking will happen.
L.B. Bryant: He mentioned in this episode that punctuality was the cornerstone of building trust (I’m getting the quote wrong) so I’m guessing he’s going to be attempting that first off.
Mike Ferreira: It’ll probably take that into account, while also including his own lesson about learning about people firsthand
Anthony Simpson: Well punctuality is important.
L.B. Bryant: I agree. I’m generally a very punctual person so I know exactly what he’s talking about
Mike Ferreira: Likewise
Mike Ferreira: So here’s the hard question: Which prince is your favorite?
Anthony Simpson: I’m a stickler for being punctual.
Anthony Simpson: Tie between Kai and Licht.

L.B. Bryant: Hmmm
L.B. Bryant: I don’t remember his name but I think I need to go with the prince from episode 1 who keeps the shame diary.
Mike Ferreira: Leo?
L.B. Bryant: Yeah that one
L.B. Bryant: Licht and Kai are right behind him though.
Mike Ferreira: I liked Leo… but I think mine has to go to Kai. He’s a pet person. He gets the important things in life.
L.B. Bryant: Indeed he does.
L.B. Bryant: Time until the princes have to spring into action to rescue their impossibly adorable little sister?

Mike Ferreira: I give it til episode six
L.B. Bryant: Sounds about right.
Anthony Simpson: I say episode 5.
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, that’s a fair range I think.
Mike Ferreira: That or it’ll turn into “My little princess can’t possibly be this loli”
L.B. Bryant: I don’t sense a dark side coming from the little sister. The fact that she appeared when Kai was on screen really helped push that narrative for me.
Mike Ferreira: Yeah. She’s just a pure bundle of innocence.
Anthony Simpson: She’s pushing the moe factor hard.
Anthony Simpson: She’s like Kanna in a way expect she doesn’t eat random things.

Mike Ferreira: So Kanna’s immediately better.
Mike Ferreira: Joking aside… I miss that show already
Anthony Simpson: Kanna is Kanna, no one can top her.
L.B. Bryant: I’ll be revisiting it soon once Funi finishes putting up the dubbed episodes.
Anthony Simpson: The princess isn’t going to get as much screen time as Kanna did.
Anthony Simpson: I see her probably being around when Kai gets the focus.
Mike Ferreira: Absolutely – she’ll be there for convenient plot moments, and times of character growth
L.B. Bryant: By the way, have they announced how many episodes this series is getting yet?
Anthony Simpson: I don’t think so. Probably 12 I would guess.
Mike Ferreira: No listings in my sources. I’m assuming 12 or 13, myself
Mike Ferreira: Hrm… any final comments before we close off this week’s meeting?
L.B. Bryant: Okies. My instant reaction to the first couple of episodes was that I’d totally sit through two cours of this.
Mike Ferreira: Likewise.
Anthony Simpson: I would as well.
Mike Ferreira: There’s eight volumes out, so there’s enough material to work with
L.B. Bryant: Well, I suppose we’ll just have to keep hope alive until told otherwise heh
Mike Ferreira: Heh.. amen to that