The light of Clione shines brightly, casting light on details long forgotten

Earlier today, the official Clione no Akari (The Light of Clione) anime website updated with the show’s main cast and crew, as well as details on the title’s theme songs. The breakdown is as follows:


The confirmed cast includes:

  • Minori Amamiya: Sayuri Matsumura
  • Takashi Aoi: Shun’ya Ōhira
  • Kyoko Tsukihashi: Natsuko Hara
  • Nanami Yukine: Riko Sasaki
  • Yuna Nagino: Riho Iida
  • Kaho Ichinose: Aina Suzuki
  • Sayaka Homa: Akari Kageyama
  • Ken Isozaki: Yuuki Fujita
  • Kousuke Okishima: Misaki Ohashi
  • Shouta Sayama: Moa Tsukino
  • Sakura Inoue: Kana Aoi


Puro Ishikawa will direct Clione no Akari at studio drop, with Natural Rain providing character designs. Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Scenario: MOLICE
  • Scenario: Tsukasa
  • Scenario: Natural Rain
  • Scenario: Takeshi Onaka
  • Sound director: Kazuhiko Izu
  • Production: Kyoto Tomato

Theme Songs

aki will perform opening theme Clione no Akari, as well as ending song Sora o Tobu Kaze. Riko Sasaki, who plays Nanami Yukine, will perform insert song Hyaku-nichi no Hana.

A new visual for the show was also revealed, which you can check out below:

Clione no Akari will debut on Tokyo MX, Tochi TV, and BS-Fuji in July. The series is based on a web novel by Natural Rain, which explores the consequences of bullying.

The series tells the tale of Minori, a girl who’se been bullied for a while. Her friends Kyoko and Takashi want to help her, but Minori falls ill. Ultimately, she stops going to school. Two months later, the three girls receive a mysterious text message for a summer festival in a nearby town.

Source: Ota-suke