We’d like to extend our deepest condolences to Hinata-san’s family and friends in this time of sadness.

Earlier today, author Kazuki Sakuraba published an announcement to the official Gosick blog, stating that illustrator Hinata Takeda passed away. According to the post, Takeda succumbed to an unspecified illness in January. The news is also being published in the latest issue (June 2017) of Kadokawa’s Dragon Magazine, which hits Japanese newsstands today.

In the blog post, Sakuraba touched on her relationship with Takeda in the blog post. Sakuraba noted that her editor brought Takeda to her attention, after he saw Takeda’s art in Yaeka no Karte. Sakuraba was initially bewildered by Takeda’s submission, but ultimately resolved to write Gosick in a manner that would need Takeda’s illustrations.

In another anecdote, Sakuraba recounts meeting with her editor to discuss the fourth volume. She noted that she had “created a monochrome worldview”, and asked Takeda to add her two favorite colors. When the drawing arrived, vivid purples and greens stood out above all else, with Victoria’s violet dress front and center.

Overall, Sakuraba noted, Takeda’s work easily surpassed her own.

Hinata Takeda is best known for her work on the Gosick light novel series. She served as illustrator for the six books, as well as the first three installments of sequel series GosickS. She ultimately left the franchise, though. Her last came in the form of the box art for the Japanese DVD releases for the Gosick anime in 2011.

At the time, Sakuraba reveals, Takeda wasn’t in particularly good health, but still completed the artwork on time.

Outside of Gosick, Takeda wrote the Yaeka no Karte manga (2001 – 2003), as well as manga series Ikoku Meiro no Croisée (Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth, 2007).

Sources: Otakomu