Meeting Date: 5/6/2017

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Mike Ferreira: Good evening, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. I’m Mike Ferreira, and I’m joined by L.B. Bryant this week.
L.B. Bryant: Hello!
Mike Ferreira: Tonight, we’re continuing our discussion of “The Royal Tutor” with episode 5, or as I call it, “Their daddy’s back and he’s never been hotter.”
L.B. Bryant: I have to admit, I wasn’t as wild about this episode since it seemed a little ‘paint by numbers’; prince has to take a make up test and squeaks by thanks to some help.
L.B. Bryant: There were some good jokes and overall it was still enjoyable but most of this episode was a little “meh” for me.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. It was a needed episode, though, I think
L.B. Bryant: I can see that point, I just wish it had been handled a little differently.
Mike Ferreira: I can agree, there. It felt a bit clumsy compared to what we’ve been used to
L.B. Bryant: There were some good highlights; I really enjoyed the first meeting with the King.

Anthony Simpson: Not every episode can be a winner.
Mike Ferreira: Definitely. I liked the King. Also, a huge welcome back, Anthony!
L.B. Bryant: Welcome back
Anthony Simpson: I have to agree with LB here, it was a little too predictable for my tastes especially with the test part.
L.B. Bryant: The real highlight of this episode was in the last two minutes when the audience is left alone with Henie and the King.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed.
Mike Ferreira: I wish I could’ve seen more of that, myself.
Mike Ferreira: These brief moments offer so much intrigue.
L.B. Bryant: The way it was left off… gah! Drove me mad! lol

Anthony Simpson: That part was good.  I’m interested in the relationship between Heine and the King is.
Mike Ferreira: They’re close, for sure – Heine knows the king’s wine, and talks to him on a first-name basis behind closed doors
L.B. Bryant: And the King knows about Heine’s secret history.
L.B. Bryant: And they know each other well enough that Heine lied about them knowing each other previously.
L.B. Bryant: My mind is racing with possibilities.
Mike Ferreira: Definitely
Anthony Simpson: The princes are probably never going to know that their Father and Heine knew each other in the past.
Mike Ferreira: It might become the big “climax” hook for the finale
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, I think it might become a dramatic point of contention at some point in the future.
Mike Ferreira: I would be shocked if it wasn’t
Mike Ferreira: At this point, you can see the twist from space.
Mike Ferreira: Much like this episode’s ending (heyo!)

L.B. Bryant: With the new information we have from these closing moments, does anyone want to update their predictions about who Heine is and where he came from?
Mike Ferreira: That’s a good question.
Mike Ferreira: I want to say that they were on the front lines together during the war they mentioned in the intro.
Anthony Simpson: This is a bit out of left field but I got the impression that Kai is on the autism spectrum.
L.B. Bryant: That’s an interesting observation Anthony.
Mike Ferreira: It would explain a few things.
Anthony Simpson: The reason I get that impression is that Kai really doesn’t show many emotions, his manner of speaking . Plus in this episode the King mentions that Kai needs to work on showing emotions.
Mike Ferreira: I would buy an explanation of some form of ASD.
Anthony Simpson: I wouldn’t say he has full blown autism, maybe Asperger syndrome
Mike Ferreira: Right.
Anthony Simpson: I could be way off on that, its just an impression I got from Kai.
Mike Ferreira: It’s a good observation
Anthony Simpson: That said it doesn’t take away from Kai being a big cinnamon roll.
Mike Ferreira: He’s a good boy
L.B. Bryant: They’re all good boys.
L.B. Bryant: Very good boys.
Mike Ferreira: “The Royal Good Boys”
Mike Ferreira: But, overall, it was a pretty light episode content-wise – there were some cute spots – the Sachertorte math was great – but it was pretty formulaic overall.

L.B. Bryant: Agreed. Hoping that things pick back up next week.
Anthony Simpson: I said before not every episode can be great.
Mike Ferreira: Definitely.
Mike Ferreira: By the by – this week, Funimation’s SimulDub kicked off for the show. Did you guys get a chance to watch it?
Anthony Simpson: I did.
L.B. Bryant: Indeed I did.
Mike Ferreira: Your thoughts?
L.B. Bryant: Not horrible overall but Heine’s voice is way off IMO
Anthony Simpson: I was surprised that Micah Solusod was voicing Heine.
L.B. Bryant: I agree Anthony. I don’t usually engage in fantasy casting but I really thought that J. Michael Tatum would’ve been perfect for that role.
Mike Ferreira: Agreed.

L.B. Bryant: He has the deep voice and is totally capable of being flat when he needs to be.
Mike Ferreira: He’s not bad at it, but I think the character lost something without that flat-as-paper monotone
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, there was just too much intonation and inflection in his voice which changed things for me.
L.B. Bryant: It just didn’t feel right.
L.B. Bryant: I’m hoping that Micah’s performance grows on me.
Mike Ferreira: Agreed.
Anthony Simpson: I thought Daman Mills would have been Henie since he can do deep voices.
Anthony Simpson: That said I didn’t dislike Micah’s performance of Heine.
Anthony Simpson: Could it have been deeper?  Sure, but I didn’t find it super jarring.
Mike Ferreira: Technically, it was decent – if I hadn’t watched the subbed version first, I’d probably be saying it was fine.

L.B. Bryant: I’m certainly not trying to be hyper-critical of the performance.
L.B. Bryant: And Mike makes a good point there. If I had watched the dub first I probably would be saying the same.
Mike Ferreira: I do want to see Bruno’s freak-out in dubbed form, though – that was beautiful in the original
Anthony Simpson: I have nothing else to say about the simuldub other than I found it good.
Anthony Simpson: I do want to hear that myself.
Mike Ferreira: Also, Kai’s “soft fluffy” segment – but yeah
Anthony Simpson: I wanna hear that as well.
Mike Ferreira: Before we close for the night, any final comments?
L.B. Bryant: Throw us a frickin bone re: Heine’s past!
Anthony Simpson: a bit predictable of a episode, but they can’t all be great.
Mike Ferreira: Heh… fair enough. Before we close, I’d like to say “welcome back” again to Anthony
Anthony Simpson: It’s good to be back after missing the last two weeks.
Mike Ferreira: Great to have ya back.
Mike Ferreira: And I guess, this would be good night, everybody.
L.B. Bryant: Night!
Anthony Simpson: ‘night.