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I honestly can’t say that I saw this coming.

Yesterday, Aniplex of America announced that they will stream Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga‘s English dub exclusively on Hulu. As of press time, a première date has yet to be announced.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga‘s dub cast includes:

  • Rin Okumura: Bryce Papenbrook
  • Shiemi Moriyama: Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Yukio Okumura: Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Ryuji Suguro: Kyle Hebert
  • Kinzo Shima: Ben Diskin
  • Renzo Shima: Brian Beacock
  • Mamushi Hojo: Brina Palencia
  • Yaozo Shima: Keith Silverstein
  • Izumo Kamiki: Kira Buckland
  • Shiro Fujimoto: Kirk Thornton
  • Tatsuma Suguro: Michael McConnohie
  • Konekomaru Miwa: Mona Marshall
  • Saburota Todo: Ray Chase
  • Mephisto Pheles: Sam Regal
  • Kuro: Stephanie Sheh
  • Shura Kirigakure: Wendee Lee
  • Juzo Shima: Xander Mobus
  • Susumu Yunokawa: Chris Niosi
  • Uwabami Hojo: Jake Eberle
  • Torako Suguro: Lauren Landa

Alex Von David is directing the adaptation and writing the scripts. Aniplex unveiled the dub at Sakura-Con this year.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga adapts the Kyoto Impure King arc of the Blue Exorcist manga, which began in the work’s fifth compiled volume. Koichi Hatsumi (Deadman Wonderland, Gangsta.) directed at A-1 Pictures, replacing previous director Tensai Okamura. Keigo Sasaki (ERASED, The Seven Deadly Sins) reprised their role as character designer, while Toshiya Ono (Gatchaman CROWDS) took charge of series composition. Hiroyuki Sawano returned to compose the show’s soundtrack with newcomer Kohta Yamamoto.

Aniplex of America describes the series as:

Assiah, the realm of humans, and Gehenna, the realm of demons. Normally, these two dimensions would never intersect, but having possessed all material substances, the demons are now intruding on the material world. But among the human race, there are those who can exorcise such demons—the exorcists.

Rin Okumura kept the fact that he was Satan’s offspring a secret from everyone and decided to become an exorcist. He began his training at True Cross Academy but following the incidents involving Amaimon’s raid, his lineage became apparent. Fearing his true nature and the blue flames marking his connection to Gehenna, Rin’s classmates all distanced themselves from him. Meanwhile, the academy was on high alert when they realized that the “Left Eye of the Impure King” had been stolen! What lies ahead for Rin and his classmates?

Source: Anime News Network