The boys of ST☆RISH are making their way to the silver screen!

Over the weekend, UtaPri fans flocked to the MaJi Love Live 6th Stage fan event. At the show, it was revealed that the next Utano Prince-sama anime feature will be a theatrical film.

As of press time, no further details were revealed.

The new Utano Prince-sama anime project was first announced in December. The thirteenth and final episode of Utano☆Princesama Legend Star concluded with the reveal.

Utano☆Princesama Legend Star is the fourth entry in the Uta no Prince-sama franchise. The series was helmed by Takeshi Furuta (The Comic Artist and His Assistants) at A-1 Pictures, with Maki Fujioka (ItaKiss, La Corda D’Oro – primo passo) providing character designs. The team of Sayaka Konno and Tomoko Konparu (Dance with Devils, Nana) was in charge of series composition.

Sentai Filmworks currently holds the rights to Utano☆Princesama Legend Star. Crunchyroll describes the show as:

In this new season, the stars and heavens collide once more as our vibrant vocalists delve deeper into the competitive and turbulent idol world. With HE☆VENS on the rise, ST☆RISH and Haruka must up their game to bring their performances to sparkling new heights!

Source: Yaraon!