It’s time to meet Shizuka and the person who will change her life.

Earlier today, the official Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita. (There Was a Beast Inside the Skirt.) anime website updated with a new promotional video. The 30-second teaser doesn’t feature new footage, but it does include narration by Hotaru Hanakage and Shiori Satsuki.

Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita. will première on Tokyo MX on July 2. An uncut adults-only version will be offered on the ComicFesta Anime Zone streaming platform. The show is slated to be a series of five-minute shorts. A joint screening event for the title and Sōryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni will be held on July 1. The show’s first episode will be shown, and a talk show will be held.

Mitsutaka Noshitani (Demon Lord Dante) is directing the project at Picante Circus Production, with Kazuhiro Toda taking charge of series composition and scenario. Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Art Director: Kenichi Kurata
  • Sound Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
  • Director of Photography: Yūki Kakuhara

Saki Hazuki will perform theme song secret. Rei Hinoka is writing the lyrics, while Koichi Morita composes the music.

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Shizuka Kominami: Hotaru Hanakage
  • Ryō Kirishima: Shiori Satsuki
  • Sōsuke Kuratani: Kageto Kanabe
  • Sumire Sakurai: Maika Hara

Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita. revolves around Shizuka Kominami, an introverted college student. Shizuka attends a local mixer, but she finds herself unable to really get comfortable in the situation. This quickly changes when a beautiful older woman named Ryō starts talking to her. The two hit it off, and Shizuka opts to spend the evening at Ryō’s place. The situation quickly changes when Ryō kisses Shizuka out of the blue, and pushes her down. Shizuka quickly assumes that Ryō is a lesbian, but quickly discovers that she’s actually a man cross-dressing as a woman.

Hanamaluo’s Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita. manga debuted on digital platforms under W Comics ZR’s “Junai Kakumei G!” label. The first compiled volume hit Japanese retailers on November 18, while the second book is due to ship on June 16.

Character visuals for the four major cast members, as well as a promotional video were released to promote the show. You can check both out below:

Promo Video

Character Visuals

Source: YouTube (W Animation)