Finally, the gates opened up to reveal a whole new cast.

Earlier today, Sentai Filmworks revealed the full English dub cast for GATE. The series will star the following:

  • Yoji Itami: David Wald
  • LeLei La Lalena: Brittney Karbowski
  • Rory Mercury: Molly Searcy
  • Tuka Luna Marceau: Juliet Simmons
  • Yao Ha Dushi: Rachel Landon
  • Kurata: Tyler Galindo
  • Kuribayashi: Stephanie Wittels
  • Tomita: Ty Mahany
  • Kuwabara: Josh Morrison
  • Mari: Allison Sumrall
  • Hazama: John Gremillion
  • Sugawara: Jay Hickman
  • Yanagida: Chris Patton
  • Higaki: Adam Noble
  • Furuta: Adam Gibbs
  • Kano: Steven Finley
  • Yoga: Chris Gibson
  • Shirayuri: Carolyn Medrano
  • Piña Co Lada: Jessica Boone
  • Emperor Molto: Jason Douglas
  • Prince Zorzal: Kregg Dailey
  • Lord Duran: Marty Fleck
  • Boses: Patricia Duran
  • Thule: Maggie Flecknoe
  • Kato: John Swasey
  • Marcus: Andrew Love
  • Panache: Kira Vincent-Davis
  • Hamilton: Shanae’a Moore
  • Grey: Rob Mungle
  • Arpeggio: Emily Neves
  • Mimoza: Marcy Bannor
  • Shandy: Shelby Blocker
  • Risa: Chelsea McCurdy
  • Sherry: Luci Christian
  • Helm: Blake Shepard
  • Kalasta: Gareth West
  • Ruflus: Clint Bickham
  • Additional Voices: Carl Masterson
  • Additional Voices: James Belcher
  • Additional Voices: David Matranga
  • Additional Voices: Mike Yager
  • Additional Voices: Andrew Love
  • Additional Voices: Jay Hickman
  • Additional Voices: Luis Galindo
  • Additional Voices: John Swasey
  • Additional Voices: Chris Hutchison
  • Additional Voices: Mark Mendelsohn
  • Additional Voices: Courtney Lomelo
  • Additional Voices: Cindy Lou Parker
  • Additional Voices: Vicky Baroush
  • Additional Voices: Corey Hartzog
  • Additional Voices: Jack Ivy
  • Additional Voices: Mark X. Laskowski
  • Additional Voices: Kyle Colby Jones
  • Additional Voices: Scott Gibbs
  • Additional Voices: Joanne Bonasso
  • Additional Voices: Natalie Rial
  • Additional Voices: Karlii Hoch
  • Additional Voices: Christopher Ayres
  • Additional Voices: Mike Yager
  • Additional Voices: Mike Vance
  • Additional Voices: Shelley Calene-Black
  • Additional Voices: Katelyn Barr
  • Additional Voices: Justin Doran
  • Additional Voices: Carli Mosier
  • Additional Voices: Benjamin McLaughlin
  • Additional Voices: Kara Greenberg
  • Additional Voices: Jovan Jackson

Kyle Colby Jones is directing the adaptation, and co-writing the scripts with George Manley and Marta Bechtol.

Sentai Filmworks will release GATE on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 11. In addition to the standard releases, Sentai will ship a limited premium-edition set. The $199.98 release will include a flag, patch, artbook, art cards, and a weapon replica.

GATE originally aired in the Summer 2015 broadcast season, with a second cour hitting Japanese TV in January 2016. Takahiko Kyōgoku is returning to helmed the series at A-1 Pictures. Jun Nakai (The Sacred Blacksmith, Silver Spoon) provided character designs for the project, while Tatsuhiko Urahata handled series composition.

Sentai describes GATE as:

When a mysterious gate suddenly appears in Tokyo’s Ginza district and begins spewing armed warriors and flying monsters, the world is thrown into turmoil. Although the deadly attack is thrown back by Japan’s Self Defense Force, there’s now a new and entirely unknown land on the other side of the portal, and Japan is effectively at war with a nation on the other side. Determined to secure peace, the JSDF must send an armed force into the Gate, but ogres, dragons and a ruthless Empire populated by elves, humans, and half-animal warriors aren’t the only dangers they’ll face. With the resources of two worlds at stake, the balance of power on both sides of the Gate is destabilizing, and betrayal can come at any time, from any quarter. There, trapped right in the middle of the ensuing firestorm, stands officer Yoji Itami and the JSDF’s Third Reconnaissance Team as they plunge into the GATE.

Sentai released dub teasers to announced roles in the lead-up to the full reveal. You can check them out below:

Source: Sentai Filmworks