If you’re one of the many people out there who enjoyed the TV series Irregular at Magic High School (and I know you’re out there because I got questioned on this series just last night), you’re going to want to get nice and comfy for the next couple of minutes because I have something you’re going to want to see… the first two minutes of the upcoming movie!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Movie Clip by pKjd

The movie, which will premiere in Japan this coming Saturday before making its North American debut at Anime Expo in July followed by a nationwide theatrical release, takes place many months after the events of the TV series. Aniplex of America describes it in more detail thusly:

Many months have passed and the spring season is almost upon them. The “irregular” elder brother Tatsuya and his smart younger sister Miyuki realize that their first year at Magic High School is about to come to a close. The siblings and their friends decide to spend spring break at a private villa on Ogasawara Island. Tatsuya and the others make the most of their brief vacation until a young girl named Kokoa appears before them. The mysterious young girl who escaped from a naval base tells Tatsuya her one wish…

If this is the first you’re hearing of this project, you’ll be pleased to know that a very large chunk of the cast will be returning to reprise their roles alongside a bunch of new cast members including:

Kokoa: Konomi Kohara
Angelina Kudou Shields: Youko Hikasa
Mayumi Saegusa: Kana Hanazawa
Mari Watanabe: Marina Inoue
Katsuto Jumonji: Junichi Suwabe
Benjamin Canopus: Jin Yamanoi
Ralph Algol: Satoshi Hino
Ralph Hardy Mirphak: Masaki Aizawa

On the other side of that coin though, fans should also be made aware that the similarities start to get a little faded from there as the crew is getting lightly revamped. Risako Yoshida is taking over as director and studio 8-Bit is taking over the animation production for Madhouse. Fortunately for those who are worried that this is just going to be a half hearted cash grab, the story is based on an original new plot created by the series creator Tsutomu Satou with a script written by him and WriteWorks.