Netflix Adds New Information and Title of Original Anime, Perfect Bones

In February 2016, it was announced by Netflix that they were working together with studio Production I.G to create a brand new twelve episode anime series titled Perfect Bones which would premiere simultaneously in 190 countries, a first for the industry. It’s been a long wait but finally we have an update on that particular piece of news as the listing on Netflix has finally been updated new information.

The listing now lists the title as B: The Beginning and has it scheduled for a 2018 release date. Additionally, for a short time there was a new description for the series which read:

In this anime series, scientists hope “new humans” will create universal peace, but they’re kidnapped by an evil group with very different plans.

This is a much more parsed version of the original plot synopsis which read:

[T]he 12-episode series is set in the future where scientists have tried to create the “perfect human” in hopes of keeping peace in the universe. After nearly achieving their goal through several children, the scientists send their “new humans” for further training where they are kidnapped by an evil organization set on using their powers to implement their own concept of a new world order.

As far as we are aware, nothing has changed on the production end of things which means that Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell, Kuroko’s Basketball, Psycho-Pass) will still be creating the animation and will be directed by Kazuto Nakazawa (Parasite Dolls, Blood+ OP2).

Just as it was before, new original material from Production I.G is a big deal for anyone who has ever complained that they are tired of manga and light novel adaptations flooding the marketplace. Keep in mind that this is the 30th anniversary for the production studio and this series doing well would only add another flower to the already very full bonnett of the studio that has brought anime fans such incredible joy over the last couple of decades.


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