After a recovery in the operating room, Yoshiki’s ready to greet his public once again.

Yesterday, Anime Expo announced that musician Yoshiki will attend Anime Expo. The artist will attend a screening of documentary film We Are X on July 2, at noon. The event will be followed by a Q & A session with Yoshiki.

Yoshiki has been active in the music world since 1977, when he founded the band Dynamite (later Noise) with childhood friend Toshi. After Noise disbanded, the two joined forces again to form influential rock group X Japan. The group is widely credited as a pioneer of the visual kei movement, and served as a launchpad for Yoshiki’s independent music label “Exstasy Records.”

Since X Japan’s dissolution in 1992, Yoshiki has maintained several solo projects, including Eternal melody and Violet UK. In the mid 2000s, Yoshiki played drums and piano in short-lived supergroup S.K.I.N.

Last month, Yoshiki underwent emergency surgery to repair a herniated disc, which worsened over six months. As the condition worsened, he started showing symptoms that included numbness and severe paralysis of the left hand and arm. Fortunatelly the surgery was a success and Yoshiki is on the mend.

Source: Anime Expo