So should we start calling this “The War*” at this point?

Joking aside, Hulu announced that they added both seasons of The Asterisk War‘s dubbed adaptation to their digital lineup. All 24 episodes are currently available to Hulu subscribers.

According to the email release, the dub will stream as a Hulu exclusive.

The Asterisk War is based on Yuu Miyazaki and illustrator Okiura’s light novel series of the same name. The series, which premiered in Fall 2015, was helmed by chief director Manabu Ono (Saki Biyori) and director Kenji Seto (Weiß Survive R) at A-1 Pictures. Tetsuya Kawakami (Nanana’s Buried Treasure) provided character designs, and Rasmus Faber scored the soundtrack.

The English dub cast includes:

  • Ayato Amagiri: Erik Scott Kimerer
  • Julius-Alexia von Riessfelt: Kira Buckland
  • Pham Thi Tram: Abby Trott
  • Kirin Todo: Brianna Knickerbocker
  • Ernesta Kuhne: Cassandra Morris
  • Fan Xinglou: Cherami Leigh
  • Camilla Pareto: Cristina Vee
  • Claudia Enfield: Erika Harlacher
  • Kyouko Yatsuzaki: Johanna Luis
  • Dirk Eberwein: Kaiji Tang
  • AR-D: Keith Silverstein
  • Silas Norman: Kyle McCarley
  • RM-C: Laura Post
  • Shuma Sakon: Lucien Dodge
  • Eishiro Yabuki: Max Mittelman
  • Sylvia Lyyneheym: Mela Lee
  • Haruka Amagiri: Michelle Ruff
  • Lester MacPhail: Patrick Seitz
  • Saya Sasamiya: Sarah Anne Williams
  • Ernest Fairclough: Vic Mignogna
  • Randy Hooke: Vic Mignogna
  • Priscilla Urzaiz (eps 10-12): Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Madiath Mesa (eps 9, 12): David Vincent
  • Irene Urzaiz (eps 10-12): Erica Lindbeck
  • Violet Weinberg (ep 8): Faye Mata
  • Miiko Yanase: Reba Buhr
  • Koichiro Todo: Richard Epcar
  • Additional Voices: Adin Rudd
  • Additional Voices: Christina McBride
  • Additional Voices: Jade Dennis
  • Additional Voices: Jennifer Alyx
  • Additional Voices: Kayli Mills
  • Additional Voices: Landon McDonald

The team of Caitlin Glass and Jalen K. Cassell wrote the scripts for the dub, which was directed by Chris Cason.

Aniplex of America holds the rights to both seasons of The Asterisk War in North America. They describe The Asterisk War as:

Invertia (meteor storm)… an unprecedented disaster that struck the world during the 20th century.

Because of this disaster, numerous cities around the world were destroyed. However, within the meteor, an unknown element called mana (the all-encompassing element), was discovered, which allowed

human technology to make rapid strides.

This also gave rise to a new species of human born with unique skills – the Star Pulse Generation (Genestella).

The setting for the world’s greatest comprehensive battle spectacle, the Festas (Star Warrior Festivals), is an academy city above the water surrounded by six academies called “Rikka,” also commonly known as “Asterisk.” Having transferred into Seidoukan Academy in order to fulfill his own wish, scholarship student Ayato Amagiri swears he too will fight in this city.

Burning souls race…

The curtain rises on this school battle spectacle!

Source: Hulu (Email Communication)