You know, I think now, more than ever, we need to just think of tomorrow.

Who am I kidding? That joke’s 25 years old now…

Earlier today, the official The Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor (Musekinin Galaxy Tylor) anime website updated with a trio of new cast members. The series will cast the following:

  • Yamamoto (Robot): Hina Higuchi
  • Yamamoto (Human, No Relation): Takuya Eguchi
  • Dolly: Ayaka Suwa
  • Narrator: Emi Nitta

The Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor hits AT-X on July 11. TV Saitama, tvk, Sun TV, Nico Nico Video, and KBS Kyushu will carry the series at a later date.

The Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor is based on Hitoshi Yoshioka’s UchÅ« Ichi no Musekinin Otoko (lit. The Most Irresponsible Man in Space) series of novels. The last adaptation, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, hit Japanese TV in 1993.

Hiroshi Kimura (Danchigai, Hamatora) is directing the project at Studio Seven, with Natsuki Kitakata providing character designs. Kenji Katoh (Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess, Super Lovers 2) is scoring the show’s soundtrack, while Hidekatsu Shibata serves as sound director.

Hikaru Koide & Kanon Takao will perform opening theme song Smile Invitation.

The previously confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Banjo Ueki Tylor: Hikaru Koide
  • Azalyn Goza the 168th: Kanon Takao

The Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor is a spinoff of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. The series is set “beyond the distant future, in the even more distant future,” long after the events of Justy Ueki Tylor’s exploits. The Empire is no more, and the United Planets is in decline. Humans have scattered across the galaxy to live fruitful lives on other planets. Enter Banjo Ueki Tylor, a garbage disposal worker who makes his living above the atmosphere of one of the human planets.

One day, Banjo encounters a robot ship. Inside, he finds a girl encased in ice. One thing leads to another, before forces across the galaxy begin to activate and pursue the girl. It turns out that this mysterious lady is Azalyn Goza the 168th, harbinger of doom for the galaxy. Rather than seek the ultimate destruction, though, Banjo and Azalyn set off to revive the United Planets.

Naturally, everything goes awry.

Source: Ota-suke