Soon you’ll be able to learn all about the man, the band, and the legend.

Hulu announced that documentary film We Are X will stream as a Hulu Exclusive title. The feature is slated to go live on July 2, though a specific time has yet to be announced.

Anime Expo is hosting a screening of We Are X on July 2, at noon Pacific (3:00PM Eastern). The event will be attended by Yoshiki, who will host a Q&A session after the film.

We Are X is a 2016 documentary from Passion Pictures. Stephen Kijak directed the title, while Jonathan McHugh, Jonathan Platt, John Battsek, and Diane Becker produced.

We Are X tells the tale of X Japan through the eyes of Yoshiki. The feature intertwines frontman Yoshiki’s life with the band’s early days. Viewers are given an intimate look into the struggles suffered by the group, from Yoshiki’s health problems, to Toshi’s induction into a cult, to the tragic deaths of Taiji and hide. The film takes audiences through the band’s 1997 split and beyond, delving into Yoshiki’s classical music career, and the ultimate reuniting of the group in 2007.

The experience is given weight by concert footage, as well as interviews with those close to the band (like Yoshiki’s mother), to prominent figures like Gene Simmons, Marylin Manson, and Stan Lee. All the while, the documentary paints a portrait of a group whose existence, and legacy, is one that shall live on for generations.

We Are X received numerous accolades, including Sundance’s Special Jury Award for Best Editing and SXSW’s Audience Award for Excellence in Title Design.

Source: Hulu (Email Communication)