Welcome back to Nerdy Talk, folks! We’re back again with another bite-sized crew, as Anthony and I take on two topics that dropped through the month. This week, we look at the world where the Jolly Roger is still hoisted, and the fight content creators face with Funimation’s recent subpoena of Digital Ocean. Things quickly go interstellar, though, as the conversation shifts to ITV Studios’s upcoming Cowboy Bebop TV series.

So get everybody and their stuff together, sit back, and relax as we talk nerdy to you.

Our hosts this week are:

  • Mike Ferreira
  • Anthony Simpson

As a quick note, we’re still kicking off the rust and feeling out a couple of technical bits. We’re working on clamping things down, and should be back to 100% before too long. Still, we apologize in advance for any wackiness in the overall quality.

Show Notes

Correction: The Cowboy Bebop episode Mike was trying to explain was Episode 21: Boogie Woogie Feng Shui