For those of us who won’t be attending Anime Expo this weekend, there will be still be something to do in between the constant stream of news updates. Hulu announced via ANN this morning that starting July 1st, the English dubbed versions of ERASED and Charlotte will begin running on the streaming service in their entirety.

What’s that? Never heard of either of these series? What cave have you been living in for the last couple of years? I hope it had plumbing at the very least.

Premiering during the winter 2016 season, ERASED is a psychological drama series about an adult male who has the ability to travel back in time when needed to prevent accidents or deaths from occurring. Usually he only gets sent back in time by a few minutes or days but after witnessing his mother’s murder, he gets sent all the way back to grade school mere days before the disappearance of a classmate.

The series was produced by A-1 Pictures with Tomohiko Ito (Sword Art Online, Silver Spoon) handling the direction.

Jumping back even further in time (see what I did there?), Charlotte was a series produced by P.A. Works that first aired in the summer of 2015. In this series, the main focus is a teenage boy with the superpower to switch places with another person for a very short amount of time. He uses his power to get everything he wants in life until one day he is approached by a girl named Nao who reveals that not only does she have a power of her own but that there are others like them as well.

The concept and scripts behind this series was created by Jun “I like to make people cry” Maeda (whom you might remember from the series Angel Beats!).

Both of these series were licensed by Aniplex of America and eventually released to home video.

While you have to applaud Hulu for picking up two series that each have their fair share of fans, you have to question their timing to post them up on their site on Anime Expo weekend. Maybe next time they’ll wait a week?