Worlds of excitement await those in the Crunchy sphere.

Earlier today, Crunchyroll announced that they’ve added three new SimulPub titles to their lineup. The company will release the following titles as they’re published in Japan:

  • Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger by Hazuki Minase and Itsuki Kameya (7/12/2017)
  • Knight’s & Magic by Hisago Amazake-no and Takuji Katō (7/5/2017)
  • Restaurant to Another World by Junpei Inuzaka and Takaaki Kugatsu (7/2/2017)

In addition, more than 400 titles from Seven Seas will join Crunchyroll’s publishing platform later this month.

Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger

Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger will launch in the pages of Shōnen Gangan Monthly on July 12. Crunchyroll describes the series as:

Scoring a job at Square Enix, Sasaki Shogo’s dream of producing a Final Fantasy game finally seems within his grasp! But after he starts, he quickly discovers that the work has nothing to do with his favorite franchise at all… Disillusioned, his enthusiasm for FF begins waning despite his sister / co-worker Yuko’s attempts to lift his spirits. Their conversation is cut short, though, when a runaway truck suddenly careens toward the two of them…!

When Shogo comes to, the first thing he sees is…a Moogle?! Wait, was that a Cure spell? And chocobos…?! Hurled into a Final Fantasy world unbound to any particular installment, how will an uber-fan like Shogo survive?!

Knight’s & Magic

Knight’s & Magic adapts Hisago Amazake-no’s light novel of the same name. The series debuted in the pages of Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine on April 15.

Crunchyroll describes the title as:

A genius programmer and hardcore robot otaku is reborn into a world of knights and magic, where huge robots called Silhouette Knights roar across the land! Now reborn as Ernesti Echevalier, he uses his vast knowledge of machines and programming talents to begin to make his ultimate robot. But his actions have unexpected results…?! The dreams of a robot otaku will change the world!

Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World is based on Junpei Inuzaka’s novel series of the same name. The series launched in Young Gangan magazine in November 2016.

Crunchyroll describes the series as:

There is a certain restaurant in one corner of a shopping street near the office district. The historical restaurant, marked by a sign with a picture of a cat, is called “Western Cuisine Nekoya.” This restaurant looks completely normal through the week, but on Saturdays, it opens in secret exclusively to some very unique guests. During these hours, doors in various areas of a parallel world open to allow customers of many different races and cultures into the restaurant. This “Restaurant to Another World” and its food hold an exotic charm to these highly diverse customers. This is a story of the heartwarming, once-in-a-lifetime encounters between our reality and another world, between the restaurant’s customers and its owner, and the food shared among them all.

Source: Crunchyroll (Industry Panel)