Shield heroes and fantastic voyages await in the near future.

Yesterday, Crunchyroll announced that two new titles will join their streaming lineup. The company will stream The Rising of the Shield Hero and A place further than the Universe when they inevitably air.

Both are new titles, which were unveiled by Kadokawa Corporation on Saturday.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

©Anekoyusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero Partners

The Rising of the Shield Hero adapts Aneko Yusagi and illustrator Minami Seira’s novel series of the same name. Takao Abo (Norn9) will direct the project at Kinema Citrus, with Masahiro Suwa providing character designs. Keigo Koyanagi is in charge of story editing.

Kadokawa describes the title as:

Naofumi, an ordinary student, is summoned into another world as a ‘Shield Hero‘. What is waiting for him in this world? The popular novel series is being adapted into an anime!

Kadokawa published a trailer for the project at Anime Expo. You can check it out below:

A place further than the Universe


A place further than the Universe is an original project from Madhouse. Atsuko Ishizuka (No Game, No Life, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) will direct the title, with Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Ninja Scroll, Trigun) providing character designs. Jukki Hanada (Love Live! School idol project, Steins;Gate) is in charge of series composition.

Kadokawa describes the title as:

Scenery that we have never seen
Sounds that we have never heard
Scent that we have never smelled
Food that we have never tasted
And the surge of emotion that we have never experienced

This is the expedition of recollecting the pieces torn apart and sensation left alone

When we reach that place, what will we think?

Howling, 40 degrees angle
Raging, 50 degrees angle
Shouting, 60 degrees angle

A wilderness beyond the heavy sea
The furthest south, far from the civilization
At the top of the Earth

We will find lights through the girls’ eyes to live tomorrow

Source: Crunchyroll (Industry Panel)