Now, manga creators can get into the entrepreneurial spirit!

On July 3, multimedia service RegiMag opened a new manga arm. The new service allows creators to sell their works without the aid of a publisher.

Users are given freedom in pricing, with alternative schemes available for use. For example, authors can offer the first volume for free. In another case, manga creators can automate publishing of chapters, making them free for a week before a price kicks in (minimum 30 yen).

On RegiMag’s end, their site logs customer preferences and makes regular suggestions to match readers to creators.

Use of the service costs 30% of all incoming revenues. Pre-registrations opened in May. As of press time, more then 500 artists are actively using the platform.

RegiMag is a self-publishing platform, which allows professional content creators to self-publish their work. The platform currently allows users to sell eBooks, games, newsletters, and professional advice, among other services.

In launching the manga arm, RegiMag partnered with Communication Arts in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka with the goal of fostering future manga artists’ talents. The company aims ot register 2,000 artists, and release 10,000 titles this year.

Source: Anime! Anime!