Earlier today, Otakon sent a letter to all attendees of this year’s convention, regarding a fraudulent housing site. In the letter, Otakon informed attendees that website “otakon2017.org” is unaffiliated with the convention, parent company Otakorp, or exclusive housing partner Experient.

Otakon has taken measures to shut the site down, but is urging attendees who either didn’t receive a confirmation, or has doubts on their reservation’s validity to contact Experient.

Full text of the notice is below:

To all our members,

It has come to our attention that an outside party set up a pirate housing website: “otakon2017.org”

This website was in no way associated with Otakon, Otakorp Inc., or Experient – our exclusive and official housing provider. We have taken all efforts to shut down the site as soon as we found out, but we cannot determine if any reservations were taken, if reservations through this site will be honored, or what may have happened to any information they may have gathered

If you did not receive a confirmation email that looks like the one at the end of this message, or if you have any doubts on your reservation’s validity, please contact Experient immediately at:

1-800-967-8852 (toll free)
+1-847-996-5832 (International Residents)
[email protected] (email)

We are very sorry this has happened, but we are glad we caught it. Our members are important to us, because we are also fans, volunteers, cosplayers, artists and dreamers. Our mantra from day one has been ‘by fans for fans’ and we mean it. I know, I was there, and we could have never got here any other way.

John Nadzam
Hotel and Venue Manager
Otakorp Inc.
Staff since 1994

Source: Otakon (Email Communication) – Thanks to Seth Burn for the tip!