Welcome to an all-new episode of Nerdy Talk, everyone! We’re back in business with another exciting night of anime chatter and banter as we discuss a few hot topics that hit through the month. This week, we’re looking at a few seismic changes in Studio Ghibli home video world, before we jump off the HIDIVE to discuss the newest streaming network to hit the market. We top things off with a trip on the cruise, as the team talks about Hollywood’s upcoming One Piece TV series.

So feel free to kick back, relax, and take a cat bus to your favorite couch as we talk nerdy to you.

Our hosts this week are:

  • Mike Ferreira
  • L.B. Bryant
  • Lydia Rivers

Show Notes

Apologies for a small section that was re-recorded during our HIDIVE/Amazon discussion. Due to some loud, distracting noises in the background I had to re-record this small bit after the fact.