Soon, paint will fly, as toy Gundams clash once more on the field of battle.

Earlier today, Sunrise unveiled a new visual for upcoming anime title Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue. The image features a pair of Gunpla posing for battle, set against a blue and white background.

Gundam Build Fighters: Battlegue will début on August 4. The title is a short film, which is being described as a “Dream Battle.” The film will feature several differing and Gunpla, though specifics have yet to be revealed.

Masami Obari (Gravion, Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture) is directing the project, with Kanetake Ebikawa (Blue Submarine No.6, Full Metal Panic!) providing mechanical designs. Yousuke Kuroda is penning the script.

Obari previously served as a key animator and mecha animator on both Gundam Build Fighters anime titles.

The official Gundam website describes Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue as:

Meijin Kawaguchi and Allan Adams are visiting Yajima Trading’s research and development center, in order to test the battle system’s newly implemented automatic control mode. This automatic control mode is a revolutionary new option that makes it easy for even people with no control skills to play Gunpla Battle, using quasi-personality AIs based on pilots from various Gundam works. With the Meijin using the Ballistic Zaku, the successor to the Zaku Amazing, and Allan using the Reversible Gundam, a customized version of the Reborns Gundam, they each choose an AI and begin the Gunpla Battle of their dreams.

Source: Twitter (buildfighters)