Meeting Date: 8/19/2017

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Mike Ferreira: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. I’m Mike Ferreira, and I’m joined by Lydia Rivers, Anthony Simpson, and L.B. Bryant.
Lydia Rivers: Hi everyone!
L.B. Bryant: Hello
Anthony Simpson: Evening everyone.
Mike Ferreira: Tonight, we’ll be discussing Classroom of the Elite episode 6: “Shit got dark.”
Anthony Simpson: Shit got real in this episode.
L.B. Bryant: I enjoyed most of this episode, though Sakura’s story seemed extra pointless
Anthony Simpson: Well I was right about the electronics store dude.
Lydia Rivers: This series has been notorious for not following up on itself when issues are introduced too, so the fact that they took Sakura’s introduction clear through to a conclusion caught me with my guard down.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. I was shocked that they went that far, myself.

Lydia Rivers: I adored the introduction of Sakura. She’s such a great character, and I like her as much as I do Class D’s teacher. They actually did an excellent job of demonstrating how courageous it is for people like her to express herself. Every time she posts something, she has to prepare to face off with things that are really, really scary.
Anthony Simpson: I will give them credit for that.
Lydia Rivers: What made the scene with her assault especially acute wasn’t just the poignant way they caricaturized the “flags” of a sexual creeper. It was that they went out of their way to show what would have happened had she not had friends, and had those friends not been able to find her. I was a mess after that scene, my own memories and irrational relief for a fictional character combined to make me physically ill.
Lydia Rivers: And you know
Lydia Rivers: The scene ultimately had an  “ideal” conclusion, but whoever set it up has been through some shit.
Mike Ferreira: Definitely. That was incredibly raw – you could see that whoever was handling the scene’s dealt with similar in some way.
Mike Ferreira: Which brings me to my biggest fear – this was a brilliant micro-arc. It really built Sakura up as a real character. But, with the way this series is, I worry that they’re just going to throw it in the garbage come next week. (Editor’s note. They totally fucking did!)

Anthony Simpson: That possibly could happen.  Now that she isn’t living a lie anymore I’m going to be upset if she reverts to back to how to she was before.
Lydia Rivers: Mhm, it was pretty shocking after the way the series has brushed over everything else. It was horrifying, but at the same time I’m glad that Sakura is one of the characters they decided to follow through with. I really hope we see her again. She had courage every time she hit that “post” button, and when she took off her glasses too. <3
Lydia Rivers: What lie exactly is she living?
Mike Ferreira: Sakura’s the first character I’ve genuinely liked since the teacher… the teacher’s still friggin’ amazing, though.
Lydia Rivers: Oh, you mean hiding her identity because she’s afraid of creepers
Lydia Rivers: and creepy attention
Anthony Simpson: I’m going by what the sub said unless my memory is that bad that I just forgot what I just watched.
Lydia Rivers: Yeah the translation seemed to make it seem more metaphorical than literal, but she wasn’t hiding the fact that she’s an idol because she’s ashamed, and she does actually have really bad anxiety. The “mask” was kind of literal in that she just wanted to hide her actual identity so she could avoid as much unwanted attention IRL as possible
Lydia Rivers: Out of a sense of fear instead of convenience.

Mike Ferreira: Indeed. They made it clear that she’s pretty anxious around people. Be it online or in person.
Lydia Rivers: I don’t know about you guys, but this has been my favorite anime to criticize this season. But episodes 5 and 6 have been an improvement over the rest of them so far. We spend less time in Ayanokouji’s head, which is great. The creators couldn’t seem to find a sweet spot between keeping him a total mystery, and keeping his personality from flat-lining. But for these two episodes he spent a lot less time narrating the nothing that just happened to himself. We also spend a lot more time with other characters, which helped the drama to be interesting enough for me to become invested in the scenes.
Anthony Simpson: 5 and 6 have been some of the better episodes.
Mike Ferreira: Amen to that. Overall, this is a series that’s just focused entirely on the wrong people so far. It’s an ensemble piece trying to be something else
Lydia Rivers: Well said!
Lydia Rivers: I was pretty amused about the tribunal though.
Lydia Rivers: Tribunal-with-training-wheels?
Mike Ferreira: “Phoenix Wright Lite”
Lydia Rivers: Haha!
Mike Ferreira: Honestly, though, yeah… I dump on this show.
Mike Ferreira: A lot.
Mike Ferreira: But it’s mostly because there’s such a great underlying concept here.

Anthony Simpson: Going by the way the system works at this school I’m not surprised that some underhanded tactics were used to get the guys from Class C to drop the compliant.
Mike Ferreira: Kind of wondering what Ayanokoji owes Ichinose at this point, though.
Lydia Rivers: I’m just relieved they finally admitted “out loud” via a flashback of his that he’s not as apathetic as they wanted us to believe.
Lydia Rivers: Maybe we can stop having pointless bits to harp on that now
Anthony Simpson: So I wasn’t shocked when we got a glimpse that MC-kun is likely some kind of super test tube kid?
Mike Ferreira: Yeah… I kind of saw a twist like that coming, for some reason
L.B. Bryant: I was shocked by that too
L.B. Bryant: Oops misread that
Mike Ferreira: Just hoping that it doesn’t turn into “he has mind bullets.”
L.B. Bryant: Virgin powered bullets? Hehe
Mike Ferreira: Trust me – I’m pretty sure he’s never gotten laid in his life >_>

Anthony Simpson: It would makes sense that if he some time of super test tube kid he is intentionally knee capping his abilities.
Mike Ferreira: Yeah. Trying not to stand out in any way, to avoid attracting attention
Lydia Rivers: Well, I mean he IS basically Tatsuya from Magical High.
Lydia Rivers: Except his “little sister” is a bit tsun still.
Mike Ferreira: Wait… Horikita or the one that’s blackmailing him?
Lydia Rivers: Horikita! She’s the only one he’s acting for.
Lydia Rivers: At least, that’s what she accuses him of and he doesn’t deny it. Who knows if it’s just because he can’t be bothered to.
Mike Ferreira: Heh. True enough.
Mike Ferreira: Random question: Am… I the only one who finds it weird that Class A basically owns a black man whom they use to beat people up?
Lydia Rivers: Oh my god, nope. Racism as seen through the eyes of another culture always looks so obvious, doesn’t it
Mike Ferreira: It does.

Anthony Simpson: Not much surprises me with this show.  I mean they have pseudo host clubs.
L.B. Bryant: I didn’t realize that he was with A class.
Lydia Rivers: As those of us with teh privilege!
Mike Ferreira: Like… I could excuse the one-off last episode because “yeah, he’s a student. cool.” Now it’s literally “He’s holding peoples’ umbrellas and just beating people up while speaking broken English”
Lydia Rivers: It was a really tired and sore trope that fell especially hard this week, the week of Charlottesville.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed.
Mike Ferreira: Hrm… any final thoughts this week before we close the books on the episode?
Lydia Rivers: I know that anime is made for Japanese, by Japanese, but that can’t change how raw and exhausted feelings are on this topic. I don’t even know what to say to fans who are POC, besides how horrifying it is that they’re used to it.
Lydia Rivers: From Americans and Japanese alike
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. Honestly, that shit needs to end sooner, than later.
Anthony Simpson: Sadly out media isn’t much better
Mike Ferreira: But, yeah… our media in general has its own issues.
Lydia Rivers: As for final thoughts on the series itself, Here’s to hoping that the creators were able to keep their momentum going for the rest of the series, and do its potential justice rather than piquing my interest before immediately letting me down. If do they manage to keep my interest, I’ll view the the plot-clubs they break over our heads with amusement rather than impatience.
Lydia Rivers: Seriously, be good or bad Classroom of the Elite! PICK ALREADY
Mike Ferreira:

Anthony Simpson: This weeks episode was probably the best so far.
Mike Ferreira: Joking aside, this is where I wanted to see Classroom of the Elite going. This episode was actually trying to go beyond its cookie-cutter designation, and it’s trying to challenge the norms. It was a good episode all-round
Mike Ferreira: Anyway, that’s all the time we have this week. Have a great night, everybody!
Anthony Simpson: Good night
Lydia Rivers: Bye everyone, stay shiny!