Meeting Date: 8/26/2017

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!
Second Disclaimer: Anime Herald does not endorse alcohol or opiate abuse. Please drink responsibly.

Mike Ferreira: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. I’m Mike Ferreira, and I’m joined by Lydia Rivers, L.B. Bryant, and Anthony Simpson
L.B. Bryant: Hello
Anthony Simpson: Evening.
Lydia Rivers: Hiii everyone!
Mike Ferreira: Tonight, we’ll be discussing Classroom of the Elite Episode 7: “Tone Deaf? Nah, I Can Hear Just Fine!”

This? This is not okay, especially after what happened in the previous episode.

L.B. Bryant: I rolled my eyes and sighed so hard when I read the plot description for this episode which didn’t bode well for when I actually hit play. A pool episode? Really? *sighs*
Lydia Rivers: The first clue was Creepy Bear with the glowing red eye for me.
Mike Ferreira: I want to know who, in their right fucking mind, thought it was a good idea to put a blatant cheesecake episode right after a VERY serious story about sexual predation and assault
Anthony Simpson: Well its summer break so it would make sense they would go to the pool
Anthony Simpson: pool
Mike Ferreira: Still – did they have to do it the very next episode?
L.B. Bryant: I have to agree with Mike. The change in tone is enough to give most of the audience whiplash.
Lydia Rivers: Let’s just toss aside the fact that pool episodes are cliche and expected in shounen. That’s whatever.
Anthony Simpson: That said I didn’t like this episode all that much.
L.B. Bryant: There wasn’t really anything to enjoy about this episode.
Lydia Rivers: All the fan service, whatever. Let’s zoom straight to how they handled the boys spy on girls for a sec.

Mike Ferreira: I just felt kinda dirty watching it. Like “why are we supposed to be laughing at the guys who were doing EXACTLY what the camera guy was doing last episode?”
L.B. Bryant: Ugh, a blind, deaf, and dumb man could have figured out what these boys were up to.
Mike Ferreira: This is the whole Kushida thing all over again, only more skeezy
Anthony Simpson: There are times that this type of plot point can not come off as cliche. It worked in Accel World, it didn’t work here.
Lydia Rivers: Thank you Mike. That is exactly the point here. Once more, we are expected to laugh along while boys are being boys as they go about their boylike things, getting non-consensual peeks at a bunch of girls.
Lydia Rivers: “Ahahahaha! It was so cute, they were all going Mission Impossible with it LOL!” IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK I WAS GOING TO SAY?!
Mike Ferreira: Exactly!

Mike Ferreira: “Hahaha, they’re so sneaky, watch as they commit numerous felonies because LAWWWWWL They’re hapless!”
Lydia Rivers: And for the kicker. I was waiting for Horikita to kick the shit out of them because the rest of it was so cliche too. And we didn’t even get that. They let the boys get away with it after being “responsible adults” and “handling it” because they “might not catch it next time if they don’t.”
Mike Ferreira: That killed me.
Mike Ferreira: There was no comeuppance
Mike Ferreira: No real punishment. They just got away with it, minus their creepy locker titty footage
Anthony Simpson: That was shitty that they basically got away with it.
L.B. Bryant: And our big reward for putting up with all this was seeing Horikita go dere-dere for about two seconds at the very end of the episode.
Lydia Rivers: She didn’t even smash them. NOTHING. Just “LOL let’s play with the boys instead! And at least give them the satisfaction of nice bouncy pool splashes!”
Lydia Rivers: Even smash the SD cards*
Mike Ferreira: Exactly… uggggh.
Lydia Rivers: Yes LB. I like her dere, but even that was weak.
L.B. Bryant: Agreed.

Lydia Rivers: After they got all serious last week and showed us what they could do, to come back with THIS? I was looking around for a drink lol.
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, me too.
Mike Ferreira: Thing is… the dere could have worked – in a much different context. It didn’t have to be locked behind 24 minutes of creepy-ass “LOL SO RANDUM” shenanigans
Anthony Simpson: What I never understood with those guys trying to peep was that they got the MC involved. Didn’t they think he would be a turncoat.
Lydia Rivers: No because he’s “the indifferent one.”
L.B. Bryant: They were blinded by perversion.
Lydia Rivers: Ya, give us more dere like that tickling scene where Ayano wasn’t useless for once.
Mike Ferreira: Exactly
Anthony Simpson: I’m going to be blunt. I FUCKING HATED THIS WHOLE EPISODE. And I LIKE pool/beach episodes.
Mike Ferreira: This was the “how not to do a pool episode” episode
L.B. Bryant: Yups

Lydia Rivers: I appreciate you guys’ opinions on this a lot. Whenever I get angry about these things, I honestly expect people to tell me to stop being so emotional….
Mike Ferreira: In here? Never. :)
Anthony Simpson: Hell if they did a pool episode and the whole thing ended up being a praising Jesus episode it would have been better.
Mike Ferreira: …fuck. I’d have taken it if they just stole an episode from Golden Boy and replaced the cast.
Mike Ferreira: This was just insulting, though. There was literally nothing redeeming about it
Lydia Rivers: It’s just, I’m so used to things like “boys will be boys” not being a big deal to ANYONE who isn’t an actual victim of it. And then “They were just fictional characters, chill out Lydia.” Yeah, they were fictional characters, but the show was making fun of REAL LIFE SHIT.
Mike Ferreira: Preach it.
Anthony Simpson: I boil it down to rape culture and what not.
Mike Ferreira: Not just rape culture, but that whole stereotype that it’s not a big deal, boys will be boys, and that a girl should just grin and bear it in cases like this.
Lydia Rivers: Jinjoo Cho performing Saint Saens is keeping me calm right now haha. Well, in a way yes. I rarely use that particular phrase, however, because making enemies of the people you’re trying to reason with is kind of silly. My approach to things is a bit different since it’s based on that premise.
Lydia Rivers: People who would never lay hands on someone without their consent might not see this as a big deal, and if I fling “rape culture” at them, they’ll just tune me out immediately.
Anthony Simpson: I’m boiling to simple terms. I know it’s a lot more complex than that but I don’t think people want to read walls of text.
Lydia Rivers: So how could they have fixed this episode to be a less-than-worthless pool episode?
Anthony Simpson: I’m fine with people tuning me out. I’ve gotten to the point in life where I don’t care if people don’t want to tune me out.
L.B. Bryant: I don’t think they could have fixed this episode.

Anthony Simpson: The guys getting thrown out of school and brought up on charges would have been great.
Mike Ferreira: Honestly? Truthfully? This episode would be five minutes long if they did that. :p
Lydia Rivers: A) Have consequences for the shitty little felons; B) Not had that at all distracting from the potential of drama between class heads, C) just kept it as fanservice like any other pool episode
Mike Ferreira: Indeed.
Anthony Simpson: That or just not even having that make it a decent pool episode.
Mike Ferreira: If I may have the floor for a moment while I walk through a potentially “decent” version of this – I use the term liberally as we’re talking about polishing a reeking turd
Lydia Rivers: Please do.
Mike Ferreira: The opening was OK – a bit weird that they dump a HUGE wall of text on you when introducing secondary characters – Horikita’s narration was more than enough. Right down to the “how did I get wrapped up in this? ‘-‘ ” moment pre-credits
Mike Ferreira: After that, though, DUMP this stupid “I wanna spy on girls in the bathroom” angle. Full stop. Just get fucking rid of it.
Mike Ferreira: Instead, we had a few possible plot angles.
Mike Ferreira: 1) Classes B, C, and A were also at the pool. Focus on their coming clash – insert the main characters as witnesses or partial participants, mostly as means of grounding them and showing them what they’re up against in the climb to the top
Mike Ferreira: 2) We had Ayanokoji kind of being the whole “knowing yet unknowing” individual again – expand a bit more on his own situation, instead of making it a sudden “let’s focus on this then drop it next week” moment. Again.
Mike Ferreira: 3) Kushida and Sakura have grown in different ways – focus the episode on one of these two, and let the viewer see their quirks and issues – especially since, again, they were dropped hardcore, full-stop within the span of one episode.
Mike Ferreira: 4) Find some way to show that Horikita, herself, has grown while being exposed to these weird people… the little “dere” moment at the end was a sweet bit – but it came after a giant screaming trash fire. If worked into something that serviced the moment better, it would have actually worked and left some minor feels for the viewer. Instead, it just stands as a non-sequitur after watching the anime equivalent of the “elmo on fire’ gif

Mike Ferreira: Aniwho… that’s just a couple of ideas
Mike Ferreira: There were DOZENS of ways to do something that wasn’t this shit show of an episode
Anthony Simpson: Since we focused on the shitty aspect of the episode I did want to mention the wall of text. That didn’t seem needed at all.
Lydia Rivers: It was kind of a rushed way to avoid a lookback episode I think.
Mike Ferreira: But… the narration was more than enough. I was like “was this necessary?”
Anthony Simpson: I would have been okay if some of that wall of text was put in as say the episode break, but I agree with Mike the narration was more than enough.
Anthony Simpson: Like the wall of text for a different character or to give some info on these characters like hobbies or such.
Lydia Rivers: About as necessary as a character adding samurai ‘de gozaru’ to his speech as he helps his teammate get through the harrowing task of installing cameras to record teen girls?
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. We didn’t need to know their life stories
Anthony Simpson: Those people we got the wall of text was weren’t even the focus of the episode.
Mike Ferreira: That was fucking frustrating. It’s like “Here’s the entire life stories of two people you’re not gonna care about. At all. Ever.”

Lydia Rivers: Maybe they’re going to have them in future episodes and want to laze out their introductions.
Anthony Simpson: Like I would been fine it was someone who was the focus of the episode or one of the main characters.
Lydia Rivers: With the bizarre way they’ve handled this series, I wouldn’t be surprised.
Mike Ferreira: I’m still waiting for the moment when someone just turns around and says “Oh yeah… I was an agent for Class A. Later, fuckers.” Just out of the blue.
Anthony Simpson: I’m going to be upset if that doesn’t happen Mike.
Lydia Rivers: The teacher.
Lydia Rivers: LOL
Mike Ferreira: That would make me love her more, you know
Lydia Rivers: Right?!
Mike Ferreira: Why is the best character in this show the one that’s on screen for 30 second intervals per episode?
Lydia Rivers: And/or the one who gets sexually assaulted?
Mike Ferreira: …if you went by this episode, that clearly never happened anymore. Because the writers are incompetent hacks

Anthony Simpson: This goes back to what I said in a previous meeting. I wonder how much of things boils down to the source material.
Lydia Rivers: What IS the source material. It’s playing out like it’s all from a terrible ecchi game.
Anthony Simpson: Its a Light Novel.
Anthony Simpson: There is also a manga that has three volumes so far.
Mike Ferreira: Even then – you have some people on that staff who should fucking know better.
Lydia Rivers: Yeah, considering the fact that Japanese phones have audible camera clicks because so many people can’t fantasize quietly like decent human beings?!
Lydia Rivers: (Upskirt shots on trains)
Mike Ferreira: They have women-only cars because of train gropers.
Lydia Rivers: Anyway. The attitudes are a cross-cultural symptom even if it’s expressed in different fashions, and people should totes know better. Hopefully as we continue to witness the generations shift, we’ll see more people who aren’t afraid to make a fuss about it.
Lydia Rivers: Kind of like the people who are now wearing pins to warn that they won’t stay quiet about it on trains in Japan.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed.

Mike Ferreira: Hrm… any final thoughts before we close the books on this week?
Anthony Simpson: Worst episode of the show so far. I hated it.
Lydia Rivers: Nope, we covered what was wrong with the episode and why, and then we offered solutions for it. I feel like justice was done. :)
L.B. Bryant: I’m hoping that next week picks back up and we can put the misery of this episode behind us forever.
Anthony Simpson: Its tough to tell since we don’t have previews and just episode titles that don’t tell us anything.
Mike Ferreira: Nothing stops thistrain.
Mike Ferreira: I’m fully expecting another tonal shift
Anthony Simpson: The salt train has left the station and isn’t stopping.
Mike Ferreira: Damn fucking right
Lydia Rivers: I’ve started a drinking game just for this show.
Mike Ferreira: I swear, I wouldn’t be able to – I’d be drunk off my ass by the eyecatch
Lydia Rivers: You’ve got the idea, because it’s basically “Take a drink every time Ayanokouji doesn’t GAF.” lol
Mike Ferreira: lol “There were no survivors”
Lydia Rivers: God, just a little something to make this series kind of FUN.
Anthony Simpson: We can’t have fun all the time.

Lydia Rivers: …..except it’s more of a coping mechanism instead of a game. Don’t ruin your livers because of anime, kiddos.
Anthony Simpson: If we are going to be drinking then let me get my pain killers in the mix. Then we will really need some new livers.
Mike Ferreira: Well, ruin your liver then blame it on years of binge drinking in college, because you’re too ashamed to admit that you ruined your liver watching a show about a teenager who doesn’t give a fuck about anything.
Lydia Rivers: Now we’re talking! In before Mike posts the disclaimer.
Mike Ferreira: What disclaimer? I assume everyone reading is over 21 (Disclaimer: Please don’t drink unless you’re of age)
Anthony Simpson: i still oxycodone pills left over from my last surgery.
Lydia Rivers: Suddenly I feel like we’re at a convention BSing now.
Mike Ferreira: “Oh yeah, we totally got fucking wasted watching a bad show”
Lydia Rivers: If anything causes you enough pain to need opiates, please avoid it at all costs lol.
Mike Ferreira: Oh god yeah.
Mike Ferreira: Anyway, before this goes in a dark direction, we should cut it off.
Lydia Rivers: Ahem! Right, so justice was done, I’m good. LOL
Mike Ferreira: lol same. Til next time, don’t watch Classroom of the Elite and drive, folks.
Anthony Simpson: Good night folks.
Lydia Rivers: Goodnight everyone. Stay shiny <3
L.B. Bryant: Please don’t sue us