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NBA Star Johnny O’Bryant III Launches Kickstarter For “Primus 7” Animation Project

The folks at NSZR Entertainment are hoping this campaign can sink a three-point shot into the hearts of anime fans across the globe.

On August 25, NBA star Johnny O’Bryant III and Noir Caesar Entertainment (NSZR, henceforth) launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a new animated film. The project, titled Primus 7: The Movie, aims to raise $125,000 to produce a ten-minute animated pilot.

Studio JM Animation, who have contributed to works such as Hellsing Ultimate, Fairy Tail, and Black Butler, were tapped to produce the animation for the title.

As of press time, Primus 7‘s campaign stands at $27,092 across 159 backers, with an average contribution of $170.39 per backer.

Primus 7 is an original project from O’Bryant, which is set in a world torn apart by war. It’s in this world, where the Primus Resistance puts up a desperate struggle for survival. Or, they did. Eight months before viewers are introduced to this world, Primus Resistance leader Sevar Ajamu breathed his last. His two children, Seven and Silva, are left alone in the world, their purpose eliminated with the rise of Arthur Grove.

With nowhere to hide, the two youths find themselves on the run, taking refuge with a group of survivors, and living off whatever scraps they can find. All the while, Arthur Grove continues to consolidate his power. Tired of running, Seven and Silva must decide whether they stand up to oppose the madman who brought tyranny to their world, or if they will let their family name fade as a sad memory.

According to NSZR, Primus 7 aims to “give a nod to classic Japanese anime style, while introducing elements of contemporary American culture, such as hip-hop and streetwear.” O’Bryant elaborated on their goals, explaining:

We at Noir Caesar strive for the future of representation and diversity in the world of manga, anime, video games, and beyond for those who never saw themselves in any of the aforementioned before. For those who wondered why they could never be heroes, for those who wanted someone who looked like them to save the day, and for those who we entrust to carry the future of what it means to truly be seen and heard by all.

Noir Caesar Entertainment is an entertainment and publishing company that was founded by Johnny O’Bryant III. The organization currently publishes nine comics under their “Hype Manga” banner, including Primus 7, Space Pop, and XO Genasys. The company also produces an online broadcast, titled The JaxJax Show.

According to their website, Noir Caesar’s mission statement is to “create, captivate, and cultivate. Inspired by all forms of art and creation, Noir Caesar will combine its love for fashion, music, and art into a platform for the unheard and unrepresented.”

The company has six featured members:

  • Johnny O’Bryant (Owner/Founder)
  • Corey Mikell (Production Manager)
  • Marcus Johnson (Concept Development)
  • Jacqueline E. Cottrell (Social Media Host/Blogger)
  • Will “Ill” Brown (Music Director)
  • Vaughn Alexander (Creative Director)

Johnny O’Bryant III is a professional basketball player for the Charlotte Hornets. He was considered a four-star recruit in high school, and ultimately began playing in college for Louisiana State University (LSU). At LSU, O’Bryant became one of just 14 players to record 1,000 career points and 700 career rebounds.

An avid anime and manga fan, O’Bryant has been working on Primus 7 as both a concept and a project since 2015.

Source: Noir Caesar Entertainment (Email Communication), Kickstarter

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