Though they may be toys, these masterfully crafted mecha continue to fight for glory in a dream match.

Earlier today, the official Mobile Suit Gundam website started streaming a new episode of Gundam Build Fighters : Battlogue. The eleven-minute episode is available in its entirety with English subtitles.

A new visual was also released, which you can check out below:

Gundam Build Fighters: Battlegue will débuted on August 4. The title is a series of short films, which are being described as a “Dream Battle.” The film will feature several differing and Gunpla, though specifics have yet to be revealed.

Masami Obari (Gravion, Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture) is directing the project, with Kanetake Ebikawa (Blue Submarine No.6, Full Metal Panic!) providing mechanical designs. Yousuke Kuroda is penning the scripts.

Obari previously served as a key animator and mecha animator on both Gundam Build Fighters anime titles.

The official Gundam website describes Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue as:

Meijin Kawaguchi and Allan Adams are visiting Yajima Trading’s research and development center, in order to test the battle system’s newly implemented automatic control mode. This automatic control mode is a revolutionary new option that makes it easy for even people with no control skills to play Gunpla Battle, using quasi-personality AIs based on pilots from various Gundam works. With the Meijin using the Ballistic Zaku, the successor to the Zaku Amazing, and Allan using the Reversible Gundam, a customized version of the Reborns Gundam, they each choose an AI and begin the Gunpla Battle of their dreams.

The first episode started streaming in August. you can check it out below:

Source: Official Mobile Suit Gundam Website