I really should file an inquisition into this publication…

The latest issue of Fujimi Shobo’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine (October 2017) revealed that a new supplementary publication will launch this month. The new magazine titled Bessatsu Dragon Age, will hit Japanese newsstands on September 25.

The magazine will feature eleven titles at launch:

  • Mahō Shōjo Flaming ☆ Star (Magical Girl Flaming Star) by Kenji Saito and illustrator Shoji Sato
  • Sekai o Sukuu Tame ni Watashi to Asa Chun Dekimasu ka? (To Save the World, Can You Lie in Bed With Me, a Subhuman, in the Morning?) by Rekomaru Otoi
  • Banrai no Hekatonkheires (Hekatonkheires of Thunder) by Tsuyoshi Watanabe
  • Yojōhan Isekai Kōryū Ki (Record of Small Room Alternate World Exchange) by Mikoto Yamaguchi and illustrator Fumihiro Kiso
  • Yūsha no Party ni Eiyōshi ga Kuwawatta! (A Nutritionist Joined the Hero’s Party!) by Sanko Takada
  • Killing Me/Killing You by Imomushi Narita
  • Kegare no Uta by Yūsuke Osawa
  • Kamiotoshi no Oni (Ogre of Kamiotoshi) by Kenji Sugawara
  • Gokinjo Sanrinsha Tai (Neighborhood Tricycle Team) by Noko Oumi
  • Calamity Lost by Akira Segami

Yōichi Abe is also working on a title, which has yet to receive a title as of press time.

Mahō Shōjo Flaming ☆ Star will take the cover for the first issue. The title is a collaboration between Trinity Seven writer Kenji Saito and Triage X artist Shoji Sato.

Source: Anime News Network